Samsung Makes Surprise Free Offer To Every Galaxy S24 User

Samsung Makes Surprise Free Offer To Every Galaxy S24 User

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Samsung Makes Surprise Free Offer To Every Galaxy S24 User

When Samsung launches the three new Galaxy S24 smartphones later this month, there will be exciting free offers for those who pre-order one of its flagship Phones.

The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event is scheduled to take place on January 17th, where the tech giant is expected to unveil the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra. Following the event, the handsets are set to hit the market before the end of the month, with pre-order incentives aimed at driving early sales.

Double Your Storage Promotion

One of the enticing offers announced by Samsung is the “double your storage” promotion. This promotion allows consumers to upgrade to the next model’s storage capacity at no additional cost. For example, purchasing the 128GB model of the Galaxy S24 will entitle the buyer to receive the 256GB model, and this pattern continues up to the 512GB model of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, which will be upgraded to the 1TB model. This promotion serves as an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers, effectively providing a memory boost or discounted pricing for higher storage capacity models.

Bonus Accessories

In addition to the storage promotion, Samsung is set to offer bonus accessories for every Galaxy S24 buyer. Buyers can expect discounts on the Galaxy Buds Fan Edition wireless Earbuds and the Galaxy Watch smartwatches. The Galaxy Buds Fan Edition, known for its active noise cancellation and transparency mode, will be available at a reduced price of $99. Similarly, the Galaxy Watch 6, boasting improved battery life, slimmer bezels, and WearOS 4, will also be offered at a discounted price of $299. The specific details regarding which accessories will be bundled with each phone and the extent of the discounts are yet to be officially unveiled by Samsung. It is on par with Google’s offering of a free set of Pixel Buds Pro for pre-orders of the Pixel 8 smartphone and a free Pixel Watch 2 for pre-orders of the Pixel 8 Pro.

Exclusive Models Available Only Through Samsung’s Website

Samsung will be offering an array of colors across the S24 portfolio, with some exclusive models only available through the company’s website. For example, the highest-spec Galaxy S24 Ultra with a 1TB storage option is rumored to be exclusively available for purchase on Samsung’s website. Recent leaks regarding European pricing point towards the Galaxy S24 and S24+ being marginally cheaper than their S23 counterparts, while the Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to be priced higher than last year’s Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Key Features Driving Sales of the Galaxy S24 Family

Aside from the enticing pre-order offers, the Galaxy S24 family boasts several key features expected to drive sales. The devices are anticipated to offer cutting-edge technology, innovative Design, and remarkable performance, captivating consumers’ attention worldwide.

In conclusion, Samsung‘s surprise free offers for the Galaxy S24 lineup stand out as compelling incentives, aimed at attracting early adopters and influencing purchase decisions. With enhanced storage options, discounted accessory options, and exclusive online models, Samsung marks its commitment to engaging and rewarding its customer base. The forthcoming Galaxy Unpacked event promises to unveil additional details, including the full range of colors and pricing, further increasing the anticipation for the launch of the Galaxy S24 smartphones.

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