CES 2024: Samsung Unveils Refreshed iMac-Style 32-Inch 4K Smart Monitor

Samsung at CES has announced its popular Smart Monitor M8 is getting a refresh for 2024, with some extra software features seemingly aimed at deepening the display’s support for other devices in the company’s ecosystem. The upcoming “M80D” model includes a Multi Control feature that allows images and text to be moved between the display and a Galaxy Book, Tablet, or Phone, while a Galaxy Buds owners will be able to pair their earphones for a spatial audio experience with head tracking. Samsung says it has also added the ability to pair a Galaxy Watch for those looking to perform guided workouts using the display, and an easier way to control monitor settings with the click of a mouse, where previous models only allowed for adjustments via a remote. Otherwise, it looks like the iMac-style 4K flat-panel monitor hasn’t changed in the hardware department from last year’s M8 model, which features 400 nits of brightness, a 60Hz refresh rate (non variable), 99% sRGB, and adaptive picture technology. In addition, the display retains key features like USB-C charging connectivity, AirPlay 2 support, an integrated webcam, and several smart TV features that enable it to be used when not connected to a PC. Samsung’s M8 doesn’t support the P3 color gamut and isn’t as bright as Apple’s 5K Studio Display, but as a more affordable alternative it is likely remain appealing to some Mac users. The original M8 comes in 27-inch (~$650) and 32-inch (~$700) sizes, although Samsung only mentioned a 32-inch version of the M80D. Regardless, both sizes have a 11.39mm thick chassis, which is 0.1mm thinner than Apple’s iMac, and include a flat back, thin bezels, and a height and tilt adjustable stand. Expect Samsung’s refreshed monitor to arrive in sometime later in the year.Tags: Samsung, CES 2024This article, “CES 2024: Samsung Unveils Refreshed iMac-Style 32-Inch 4K Smart Monitor” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

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