AI wearable contraption gives you superhuman strength

AI wearable contraption gives you superhuman strength

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AI Wearable Contraption Gives You Superhuman Strength

A robot startup, Hypershell from Y-Combinator china, has created an all-terrain exoskeleton that will take your outdoor adventures to the next level. The Hypershell ProX is like a second skin that fits over your legs and boosts strength, speed, and endurance. If you love exploring the great outdoors but feel limited by your physical stamina or the weight of your backpack, then the Hypershell ProX is the answer to your limitations.

Designed by Hypershell, the exoskeleton aims to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a device that augments their strength, speed, and endurance, enabling them to conquer varying terrains and challenges.

The Science Behind the Hypershell ProX

The Hypershell ProX uses Artificial Intelligence to sense your movements and adjust to your needs. It can switch between 9 different motion postures, from walking to running to climbing, and provide up to 800W of power to help you lift your legs more easily. Additionally, it can offset up to 66 pounds of weight, allowing users to carry heavy backpacks without feeling the burden.

Whether you’re facing high altitudes, steep slopes, or long distances, the Hypershell ProX will keep you going strong, making it an ideal companion for nature-based ecotourism and outdoor activities.

Portability and Durability

The exoskeleton is not bulky or heavy, weighing only 2kg and capable of folding up to fit in your backpack. It is also durable and weather-resistant, performing well in temperatures as low as minus 20℃ and possessing an IP54 rating for dust and water protection.

These attributes make the Hypershell ProX a practical and versatile adventure companion, ensuring that it seamlessly integrates into your outdoor experiences without adding unnecessary inconvenience.

The Vision Behind Hypershell ProX

Hypershell’s founder, Kelvin Sun, envisions introducing affordable consumer-grade exoskeleton technology to outdoor lovers, aiming to encourage nature-based ecotourism and enhance the outdoor experience for all individuals. He states that the device is especially useful for people who need extra support or travel with heavy loads, bridging the gap for outdoor enthusiasts facing physical limitations.

The Hypershell ProX not only provides physical capabilities beyond the norm but also aligns with the vision of promoting inclusivity and accessibility for outdoor activities, ensuring that everyone can partake and relish in the beauty of nature.

Final Thoughts

If you’re seeking to elevate your outdoor explorations to a new level and challenge yourself beyond your current physical limitations, the Hypershell ProX presents a revolutionary solution. With its lightweight, versatile, and powerful Design, this wearable exoskeleton is poised to transform your outdoor adventures and imbue you with a superhuman experience.

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