Martin Lewis' MSE team shares trick for O2 customers to cut the cost of Amazon Prime

Martin Lewis’ MSE team shares trick for O2 customers to cut the cost of Amazon Prime

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Martin Lewis’ MSE Team Shares Trick for O2 Customers to Cut the Cost of amazon Prime

As 2024 brings a wave of mobile price hikes, many phone users will be looking to reduce their monthly expenses. Whether it’s finding a cheap data deal or making the most of little-known perks, consumers are seeking ways to save.

The Money-Saving Expert Tip

Consumer expert Martin Lewis, from the team at Money Saving Expert (MSE), recently shared an update for O2 phone customers that will effectively reduce their amazon Prime membership costs.

O2 pay-monthly customers, including SIM-only and phone and data contract holders, can cut £2 a month off their Prime membership, slashing the cost to £6.99 per month.

By taking advantage of O2’s January sale Deals and adding Prime to any existing O2 bill, customers can benefit from the reduced rate, resulting in substantial savings over a year.

How to Access the Discount

Customers can activate the discount by downloading the O2 Priority app and searching for ‘Prime’ within the app. They will then receive steps to link their amazon account and access the discounted Prime membership.

It’s important to note that this offer is only available to new or returning Prime members and cannot be applied if the customer already pays for an Amazon Prime membership. The promotion has been extended to encompass all of 2024, granting ample time for customers to take advantage of the savings.

Alternative Provider Offers

For those not with O2, existing plan holders with Vodafone, Three, EE, and Sky Mobile can also benefit from a range of perks and freebies available through their respective Mobile providers.

Vodafone offers discounted cinema tickets and 50% off days out, while Sky Mobile provides lucrative data perks. Three Mobile offers discounted event tickets, meals out, and free drinks at Cafe Nero each week. EE entices customers with six months of free Apple Music, and O2 and Virgin Media provide priority access to concert tickets, as well as a free six-month Disney+ subscription.


As mobile price hikes loom in 2024, consumers are seeking ways to trim their monthly expenses. With the recent tip from Martin Lewis’ MSE team, O2 customers have the opportunity to save £2 per month on their Amazon Prime memberships, resulting in significant annual savings. Furthermore, other mobile providers are offering various perks and incentives, making it essential for consumers to explore the benefits available through their own network providers.

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