Al Gore to retire from Apple board of directors

Former Vice President Al Gore will retire from Apple’s board of directors next month after more than 20 years with the company. In a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Apple announced Gore, along with former Boeing CEO James Bell, will retire during the company’s 2024 annual shareholder meeting next month. The…

Apple Still Selling These Old and Often Forgotten Products in 2024

While the majority of Apple’s product lineup has been updated over the past few years, there are a handful of devices and accessories that are quite old. Below, we highlight seven of the oldest and most obscure products that Apple still sells in 2024. Many of these products are unlikely to be updated ever again, and it’s unclear how long Apple will continue to sell them on its online store. SuperDrive Introduced alongside the original MacBook Air in 2008, the USB SuperDrive is an external CD/DVD drive. It remains available on Apple’s online store for $79, but you’ll need a USB-A to USB-C adapter to use it with a modern MacBook. The last MacBook with a built-in CD/DVD drive was discontinued in 2016. MagSafe Converter For just $9.99, you can own Apple’s tiny MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter. This adapter allows Apple’s very-old Thunderbolt Display to charge an also-very-old MacBook Pro or MacBook Air equipped with a MagSafe 2 connector. For those counting, Apple moved on to MagSafe 3 in 2021. EarPods With 3.5mm Plug Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone starting with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus back in 2016, but it continues to sell wired EarPods with a 3.5mm headphone plug for $19. You can also get EarPods with Lightning or USB-C. Hey, Macs still have a headphone jack. 30-Pin to USB Cable Still rocking out with an older iPod or iPhone? Apple has you covered with its 30-pin to USB cable, featuring breakthrough USB 2.0 technology from the early 2000s. Pro tip: you can get one for much cheaper on Amazon if you really need one. Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter Want to keep your 2013 Mac Pro secure in 2024? Apple’s $49 adapter lets you attach a compatible Kensington lock to the computer. We’re honestly surprised Apple still sells this one. Link Bracelet Apple hasn’t updated the stainless steel Link Bracelet since the original Apple Watch was released in 2015. The band is still listed in its original 38mm and 42mm sizes for $449, and it no longer perfectly matches the colors of some newer Apple Watch models. Mac Pro Wheels For the low price of $699, you can add wheels to your 2019 or newer Mac Pro tower, allowing it to roll around. Or, you could install them on a skateboard. There’s also a Mac Pro feet kit for $299 in this economy.This article, “Apple Still Selling These Old and Often Forgotten Products in 2024” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

India widens regulatory grip over tech firms

In 2023, India introduced a series of regulations and tweaked policies that borrowed from Europe’s antitrust approach and Chinese-style government surveillance, alarming executives and investors in the world’s most populous market. Additional regulations are on the horizon in 2024 as New Delhi continues a regulatory shift to more tightly govern the tech sector. Last year, […] © 2023 TechCrunch. All rights reserved. For personal use only.

Samsung’s next big Galaxy phone will change how you make calls forever – and even iPhone owners can benefit from it

Samsung’s Next Big Galaxy Phone: Revolutionizing Calling Experience for All Users Samsung is poised to launch its groundbreaking new series of Galaxy phones, set to redefine the way users make calls. With innovative features powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this upcoming flagship is expected to create a paradigm shift in smartphone communication. AI-Powered Features Reports from South Korea suggest that…

Inside Apple’s Massive Push to Transform the Mac Into a Gaming Paradise

In an interview with Apple product marketing managers Leland Martin, Doug Brooks, and Gordon Keppel, we go deep on how Apple is transforming the Mac into a respectable AAA video games platform that can compete with PCs and consoles.