Apple Still Selling These Old and Often Forgotten Products in 2024

Apple Still Selling These Old and Often Forgotten Products in 2024

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Apple‘s Vintage Offerings: The Products That Withstood the Test of Time

While Apple constantly refreshes its product lineup, there are a few enduring relics that have managed to stick around through the years. These products, in some cases, have retained their place in Apple‘s portfolio, even as technology has evolved. Let’s take a closer look at seven often-forgotten items that continue to be sold by Apple in 2024.

The Legacy of USB SuperDrive

Introduced alongside the original MacBook Air in 2008, the USB SuperDrive continues to be available on Apple‘s online store. Despite the evolving landscape of data storage and the dawn of streaming services, this CD/DVD drive has remained a steadfast option for certain users.

The Persistence of MagSafe Converter

For just $9.99, the MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter still finds its place in Apple‘s offerings. Serving as a bridge between older peripherals and modern MacBooks, this adapter keeps vintage technology in circulation amidst the advancements in Apple‘s hardware infrastructure.

The Enduring Appeal of EarPods

Despite the elimination of headphone jacks from newer iPhones, Apple continues to make available its classic wired EarPods with a 3.5mm plug. This demonstrates Apple‘s acknowledgment of the diverse needs of its user base, preserving a connection to the analog era.

Adapting to 30-Pin to USB Cable

For users still cherishing their older iPods or iPhones, the 30-pin to USB cable remains a sought-after accessory. This is a testament to the continued loyalty for earlier Apple devices and the company’s commitment to serving users with diverse hardware preferences.

The Stalwart Mac Pro Security Lock Adapter

Apple‘s provision of a security lock adapter for the 2013 Mac Pro at a price of $49 affirms its dedication to upholding the security and integrity of vintage hardware. The company’s readiness to fulfill such requirements underscores its commitment to both legacy and contemporary products.

The Time-Tested Link Bracelet

While the stainless steel Link Bracelet for the original Apple Watch has not seen an update since 2015, it endures as an accessory available for purchase. This is a nod to Apple‘s recognition of the timeless allure of this classic design, despite the changes in its product lineup.

The Quirky Addition: Mac Pro Wheels

For a price of $699, the option to add wheels to the 2019 or newer Mac Pro tower remains a unique offering. This humorous yet functional accessory showcases Apple‘s willingness to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its users, underlining its commitment to adaptability.

Apple‘s Commitment to Legacy Products

While it is easy to overlook these older products in the midst of Apple‘s constant innovation, the company’s continued availability of these items serves as a testament to its commitment to satisfying diverse user preferences and maintaining compatibility with long-standing technologies.

The Potential Future of Vintage Offerings

It remains unclear how long Apple will continue to offer these vintage products for sale. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, it is likely that some of these items will eventually fade into obscurity. Nevertheless, for now, Apple‘s dedication to preserving these offerings is an embodiment of its respect for its own history.

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