Samsung Galaxy S24 is going all in on AI instead of hardware — and it could change how we use phones forever

Samsung Galaxy S24 is going all in on AI instead of hardware — and it could change how we use phones forever

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The Future of Samsung Galaxy S24: AI Revolutionizing Smartphone Experience

When the latest Galaxy S24 phones make their debut at the upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event on Wednesday (January 17), the focus will be on revolutionary software features powered by Samsung’s push into artificial intelligence, rather than hardware changes. This shift in priority has sparked discussions on whether these AI enhancements would be compelling enough to convince people to upgrade their phones.

AI: A Key Focus of Galaxy S24 Lineup

Samsung has been transparent about its emphasis on AI for the upcoming Galaxy S24 release. With AI poised to transform the user experience, expectations are high for the impact it will have on how we use our smartphones. The AI push is set to revolutionize the functionality of the Galaxy S24, potentially changing the way we perceive and interact with our devices.

Samsung’s AI Vision for Galaxy S24

Samsung’s executive vice president, Wonjoon Choi, has touted the upcoming Galaxy AI as the most comprehensive intelligence offering from the company, with potential to redefine the role of phones in our lives. This forward-looking vision has set the stage for extensive AI integration, promising enhanced communication, productivity, and creativity through unconstrained AI-driven capabilities.

AI-Powered Features and Capabilities

Leaks and industry experts alike have hinted at a host of AI-powered features expected in the Galaxy S24 lineup. From real-time AI Live Translate Call and AI-generated wallpapers to smart charging features and innovative photo editing capabilities, these advancements demonstrate the extensive AI integration in Samsung’s new flagship models.

The Impact of AI in Smartphone Upgrades

As the industry speculates on the significance of AI in driving smartphone upgrades, analysts have weighed in on the potential impact. Tuong Nguyen from Gartner emphasizes the need for fundamentally different and more useful AI capabilities to compellingly drive consumer upgrades, while Avi Greengart stresses the importance of delivering experiences that make users more productive and creative.

Effectiveness of AI in Promoting Upgrades

Experts have differing opinions on whether AI capabilities alone can prompt smartphone upgrades. While some argue that innovative AI features could speed up the upgrade cycle, others highlight the necessity of delivering experiences that truly enhance productivity and creativity. The debate over the role of AI in decision-making for upgrades remains at the forefront of discussions.

The Role of Samsung’s AI Moves

Critical to the success of Samsung’s AI initiatives is not only the initial implementation of features in the Galaxy S24 but also their long-term evolution. Industry analysts stress the importance of optimizing the AI capabilities to cater to consumer and business needs, emphasizing Samsung’s role as an early innovator that brings new, valuable capabilities to the market.


As the Samsung Galaxy S24 lineup gears up for its debut with a renewed focus on AI, the industry is rife with speculation on the potential impact of these AI advancements. The transformative potential of AI in redefining smartphone user experiences and potentially driving upgrades remains a topic of intense interest, and all eyes will be on Samsung as it unveils the AI-powered features of the Galaxy S24 lineup.

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