Major Sky deal means you could get a new 4K TV without breaking the bank

Major Sky deal means you could get a new 4K TV without breaking the bank

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Major Sky deal means you could get a new 4k tv without breaking the bank

Sky has launched a bumper 4K TV deal which helps change the way you watch TV. The telecomms company has introduced a bumper deal on its Sky Glass bundle – just in time for 2024. That means you could get a 4K TV, hundreds of Sky channels and Netflix included without paying hundreds of pounds for a brand new television.

Sky has brought in a January bargain on its Sky Glass TV bundle. Sky has launched an early January deal where you can get a 4K Sky Glass TV, Sky TV included and Netflix – for just £14 a month for three months.

What’s Included in the deal?

You’ll get the 4K Sky Glass TV, hundreds of channels on Sky TV and netflix for less than a takeaway pizza. After the first three months, it will cost £40 a month. It comes with 4K QLED panel for the best quality available and Dolby Atmos so you can enjoy the best sound while watching shows.

Special Features of the Sky Glass TV

It’ll cost just £14 a month for the first few months then you’ll pay £40 a month for 18 months for the package but it’s still a good deal to jump on. And if you want to upgrade your TV, you can also opt to choose to get a bigger 4K Sky Glass TV – all the way up to an 65-inch TV but you’ll be paying slightly more each month. You can even customize the color of your new 4k tv including Ocean Blue, Racing Green, Dusky Pink, Ceramic White, and Anthracite Black so it can fit your living room.

Convenience and sound Quality

Sky Glass has an easy set-up and there’s no need to have a satellite dish as it is all streamed through your Internet connection. It also comes with Dolby Atmos so you don’t need to worry about having poor sound with your new TV. You’ll also get a handy Sky remote so you can scroll through all your favorite channels and shows on Sky and Netflix.

Looking to the Future

And if you want the find the best Sky deals for 2024, you can do so here. If you’re in the market for a new channel provider and don’t care about a new TV, Virgin Media has launched its own winter sale for 2024. The telecomms giants has cut most of its big products including superfast broadband, TV bundles and both TV and broadband bundles combined – but be quick as they expire on February 7.

Alternative Deals Available

The best deal that we have found is on its Mega Volt Bundle where you could save more than £290. It comes with everything you need to enjoy TV and streaming your favorite shows during the winter months for £70 a month.

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