Law enforcement increasingly enlists artificial intelligence to fight crime

It’s not yet to the point of science fiction’s “Minority Report,” where police can arrest someone for “precrime” before they ever commit the act, but police across the country are turning to artificial intelligence to do their jobs.

AI starts a music-making revolution and plenty of noise about ethics and royalties

Artificial intelligence has seismic implications for music-making and record labels, posing existential questions about the meaning of creativity and whether machines are enhancing human inspiration or replacing it.

Ex-Google engineer fired over claiming AI is sentient is now warning of doomsday scenarios

The software engineer fired by Google after alleging its artificial intelligence project might be alive has a new primary concern: AI may start a war and get used in assassinations.

The rise of smart machines: Tech startup turned AI into a business boom in 2023

Artificial intelligence tools exploded in 2023 and put Big Tech on its heels. One AI maker rocketed into the business stratosphere with $1 trillion in market capitalization.

Hype and hazards: Artificial intelligence is suddenly very real

AI has been with us for years, quietly controlling what we see on social media, protecting our credit cards from fraud and helping avoid collisions on the road. But 2023 was transformative, with the public showing an insatiable appetite for anything with the AI label.

The year of social media soul-searching: Twitter dies, X and Threads are born and AI gets personal

We lost Twitter and got X. We tried out Bluesky and Mastodon (well, some of us did). We fretted about AI bots and teen mental health. We cocooned in private chats and scrolled endlessly as we did in years past. For social media users, 2023 was a year of beginnings and endings, with some soul-searching in between.