NORAD tracking Santa's every move and kids can follow along

NORAD tracking Santa’s every move and kids can follow along

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NORAD Tracking Santa’s Every Move and Kids Can Follow Along

As children around the world eagerly await Santa’s arrival on Christmas, the military is closely tracking his every move. Armed with radar, sensors, aircraft, and Christmas spirit, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) in Colorado is reporting on the movements of Santa’s sleigh since his takeoff from the North Pole for parts of the globe where Christmas comes first.

NORAD’s Holiday Mission

NORAD, the joint military command responsible for protecting U.S. and Canadian airspace, has taken on an additional festive responsibility. It has launched its website, social media sites, and a mobile app loaded with games, movies, books, and music to invite children to follow along with Santa’s journey.

Global Santa Tracking

By late Christmas Eve in Thailand, NORAD’s tracker reported that Santa had departed Bangkok and moved on to Burma, Tibet, China, and Russia, distributing nearly 2 billion gifts so far in his travels. NORAD’s findings could not be independently verified, but the information brings joy to children worldwide.

Participation of U.S. President and First Lady

The White House confirmed that President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden participated in NORAD Santa tracking calls on Christmas Eve, engaging with children and families across the country. Jill Biden expressed the good news on social media, assuring everyone that Santa is on his way.

Tracking with High-tech Capabilities

U.S. Air Force Col. Elizabeth Mathias, NORAD’s chief spokesperson, mentioned tracking Santa with “the same technology we use every single day to keep North America safe.” Mathias suggests that Santa may have some high-tech secrets up his red sleeve, potentially including artificial intelligence to guide his travels.

The Origins and Tradition

In 1955, the Santa-tracking tradition began when Air Force Col. Harry Shoup, commander at NORAD’s predecessor, received a misprinted telephone call from a child. The tradition has since evolved, with NORAD now expecting around 1,100 volunteers to help answer calls on Christmas Eve.

Engagement with Volunteers and the Community

NORAD’s dedicated operations center at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs takes on the responsibility of answering calls from children and families worldwide. Mathias highlights the festive atmosphere of the operations center, describing it as “definitely the most festive place to be on December 24th.”

Direct Engagement with NORAD Staff

To provide updates on Santa’s exact location, anyone can call 1-877 HI-NORAD (1-877-446-6723) to speak directly to NORAD staff members who are working tirelessly on Christmas Eve until midnight MST. This direct engagement enhances the joy and excitement of tracking Santa’s journey.

In Conclusion

NORAD’s dedicated efforts to track Santa’s every move and engage with children around the world on Christmas Eve exemplify the spirit of the holiday season. Through technology and volunteer support, the tradition of Santa tracking brings joy and excitement to kids and families globally.

The NORAD Santa tracking mission not only showcases the military’s capabilities but also reflects the humanity and joy associated with the holiday season. By following along with Santa’s journey, children can share in the magic and wonder of Christmas while embracing the spirit of giving and kindness.

As we eagerly anticipate Santa’s arrival this Christmas, the NORAD Santa tracking initiative serves as a reminder that the holiday season is a time for celebration, togetherness, and spreading joy. Through NORAD’s commitment to involving children and families in tracking Santa’s journey, the holiday spirit is truly alive in every corner of the world.

With NORAD’s technical prowess and volunteer support, children can experience the thrill of tracking Santa’s travels, fostering a sense of wonder and delight that defines the magic of Christmas. As the world unites in following Santa’s every move, NORAD’s initiative promotes global unity and the universal joy of the holiday season.

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