How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

How this robot helps you protect and connect your home

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How EBO X Companion Robot Protects and Connects Your Home

Have you ever wished for a device that goes beyond merely playing music, answering questions, and controlling your smart home? The EBO X companion robot fulfills those wishes and more, offering a range of features that can help safeguard and connect your home.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, EBO X is much more than just a robot. This device can act as a home security guard, life alert system, and a general family companion. With its innovative features, it has the potential to make your home a safer and more connected place for you and your loved ones.

The Multifaceted EBO X Robot

EBO X is an Alexa-enabled companion robot that integrates three key functions rolled into one. It utilizes V-SLAM (visual simultaneous localization and mapping) technology to map a home into distinct sections, allowing users to name and monitor specific areas as needed.

The robot boasts a premium speaker with Harman AudioEFX, making 2-way communications and music playback possible. Equipped with a 4K stabilized camera with night vision, EBO X is ideal for home security and active monitoring, enabling it to effectively safeguard your home and loved ones.

Enhanced Home Security with EBO X

Despite its friendly appearance, EBO X is designed to provide effective home security. Featuring Auto Navigation and AI Face Recognition technology, it can patrol a house and recognize family members. This makes it possible for the robot to keep an eye on your home, detect potential dangers, and alert you in case of emergencies.

EBO X utilizes an X3M chip coupled with extensive training data, combined with V-SLAM technology to learn your home and provide customizable monitoring. It also offers various security features such as fall detection for the elderly, cry and call-for-help alerts, medication reminders, and designated zone trespassing alerts.

Improving Family Connectivity and Convenience

In addition to its security capabilities, EBO X is designed to enhance family connectivity and simplify daily life. With its Alexa integration, the robot can seamlessly communicate with other smart home devices, providing real-time, 2-way communication and facilitating various tasks including messaging and reminders for family members.

Moreover, EBO X allows for real-time communication, even enabling family members to initiate calls or video calls through simple vocal commands. Its ability to capture moments through photos and videos, and its diverse control mechanisms make it a practical, helpful companion for all household members.

Privacy and Safety Considerations

Privacy and safety are essential when adopting any smart device, and EBO X offers several features to address these concerns. Users have control over the robot through the dedicated app, including the ability to manually disable the camera if needed. Privacy agreements can also be signed for storing facial recognition data locally.

However, it’s important to note that EBO X may face challenges in certain home environments, such as those with varying floor heights or thick carpets, which might affect its maneuverability. Additionally, privacy-conscious users can rest assured with the range of controls available to manage surveillance.

Endorsement and Affordability

CyberGuy Kurt Knutsson provides an endorsement, highlighting the competitive price of the EBO X. Priced at $999, it represents a more affordable and feature-rich option compared to similar devices in the market, delivering a range of benefits that can enhance family connectivity, safety, and overall quality of life.


The EBO X companion robot presents an innovative and practical solution for protecting and connecting your home. With its advanced features, enhanced security capabilities, and focus on family connectivity, it has the potential to become an invaluable addition to any modern household, easing everyday tasks and fostering a safer, more connected environment.

In conclusion, EBO X represents a significant step forward in the domain of home technology, offering a blend of security, convenience, and connectivity that adds tangible value to households. With its array of features and affordable pricing, it stands as an enticing proposition for those seeking to bolster their home environment with cutting-edge technology.

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