SpaceX’s Latest Launch Will Bring Starlink to T-Mobile Phones

SpaceX’s Latest Launch Will Bring Starlink to T-Mobile Phones

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SpaceX’s Latest Launch Will Bring Starlink to T-Mobile Phones

SpaceX is preparing to assess the capability of its Starlink Satellites to directly connect with cellphones in the United States. The company has launched the first six Satellites under a temporary license to expand connectivity beyond traditional cell signals.

Launch Details

The falcon 9 rocket, operated by SpaceX, took off from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California at 10:44 p.m. ET, carrying 21 Starlink satellites to orbit. Notably, this batch included the initial six Starlinks with direct-to-cell capabilities.

Temporary License and Partnership

elon musk’s private space venture secured a temporary license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to test the new satellite technology over a six-month duration. This initiative involves 2,000 test devices and 840 satellites. Additionally, SpaceX entered into a partnership with T-Mobile, which subsequently issued open invitations to various global providers.

Global Providers on Board

Rogers in Canada, KDDI in Japan, optus in Australia, One NZ in New Zealand, and Salt in Switzerland have all opted in to the partnership. These global providers are expected to leverage the space-based cellular broadband network to facilitate seamless global access to texting, calling, and browsing in diverse geographical locations.

Space-Based Cellular Broadband Network

The six newly deployed satellites are equipped with a space-based cellular broadband network designed to allow mobile network operators worldwide to offer comprehensive connectivity solutions. This network is envisioned to eliminate the need for additional ground Hardware, thereby providing enhanced cell service even in areas currently outside the range of traditional cellular towers.

Regulatory Framework and Competitors

While the FCC is actively developing regulatory frameworks for direct-to-cell satellites, multiple companies are eager to advance their technology offerings. ast spacemobile and Lynk Global, along with SpaceX, are all working to develop space-based cellular broadband networks directly accessible by cell phones.

Introduction of New Services

The Starlink satellite services are set to commence with text messages, with voice and data coverage anticipated to follow suit, potentially by 2025. However, SpaceX would need a license to offer these services to its customer base.


As SpaceX pioneers the advancement of satellite technology to directly connect with cellphones, the potential for enhanced global connectivity continues to grow. The collaborative efforts with T-Mobile and global providers signify a significant step towards revolutionizing the way individuals communicate and access data.

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