Samsung’s next big Galaxy phone will change how you make calls forever – and even iPhone owners can benefit from it

Samsung’s next big Galaxy phone will change how you make calls forever – and even iPhone owners can benefit from it

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Samsung’s Next Big Galaxy Phone: Revolutionizing Calling Experience for All Users

Samsung is poised to launch its groundbreaking new series of Galaxy phones, set to redefine the way users make calls. With innovative features powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this upcoming flagship is expected to create a paradigm shift in smartphone communication.

AI-Powered Features

Reports from South Korea suggest that Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series will integrate advanced AI, similar to Google’s Pixel phones, leveraging their Tensor chipsets. The anticipated AI, dubbed Samsung Gauss, promises a host of transformative capabilities.

Live Translate Call

One standout feature is the AI Live Translate Call, allowing users to receive real-time translation for calls in multiple languages, such as English and Spanish. Notably, this ground-breaking function extends beyond Samsung devices, enabling seamless communication with non-Samsung phone users.

Enhanced AI Functionality

Besides Live Translate Call, Samsung Gauss will offer an array of enhancements, including photo expansion, an AI chatbot, tone adjustments for text, and AI-generated wallpapers. Additionally, the AI will aid users in summarizing documents, translating content in third-party apps, and composing emails.

Anticipated Launch and Pricing

While the official release date is yet to be confirmed, rumors suggest a potential unveiling in the upcoming month. Speculations also indicate the possibility of an earlier release date, likely in response to Apple‘s iPhone 15. If these rumors hold true, the device could hit the market before the month’s end.

Pricing Speculations

Contrary to expectations, speculations hint at a surprising price adjustment, with the new Galaxy S24 models potentially being more affordable than their predecessors. Reports indicate a starting price of 899 euros, marking a 50 euros reduction compared to the Galaxy S23’s launch price.

Consumer Expectations

As anticipation mounts for Samsung’s innovative Galaxy S24 series, consumers are eager to experience the evolution in smartphone communication. The rumors surrounding the enhanced Features and competitive pricing have created significant buzz.


The imminent launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S24 promises to redefine the smartphone landscape, offering cutting-edge AI functionalities that transcend brand limitations. With the unveiling on the horizon, the industry and consumers alike await an unprecedented era in mobile communication.

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