Free LG TV upgrade is now available to UK users and it sounds impressive

Free LG TV upgrade is now available to UK users and it sounds impressive

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Free lg TV Upgrade Now Available to UK Users and It Sounds Impressive

LG TV owners in the UK can now look forward to an exciting and free upgrade, courtesy of the popular music service, ROXi. This upgrade promises to enhance the Entertainment experience for users and offers a multitude of additional content on their screens. The collaboration between LG and ROXi brings a host of exciting features to LG TVs, providing users with access to a wide range of music videos and interactive Entertainment.

What’s Included in the Upgrade?

The free upgrade from ROXi delivers a substantial repertoire of 100 million music videos directly to LG TV screens across the UK. This addition comes as a welcome enhancement, offering both existing and new LG TV owners access to an extensive collection of original and virtual music videos from leading music labels. Furthermore, users will have access to numerous interactive music channels, karaoke sessions, and entertaining games, effectively transforming their LG TVs into a hub of music and Entertainment.

Response from lg and ROXi

Matthew Broughton, LG Director, Europe Smart TV Content & Services, expressed his excitement at the launch of ROXi’s music video catalogue and engaging music TV channels on LG Channels. Furthermore, Rob Lewis, CEO of ROXi, showcased enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the delivery of the ultimate at-home music experience to LG TVs. The partnership between LG and ROXi aims to elevate the Entertainment options available to LG TV users and showcases a shared commitment to enhancing the overall viewing experience.

Accessibility and Features

Current LG TV owners, who have purchased TVs post-2019, can now access ROXi for free. Additionally, the app will soon come pre-loaded on the LG TV’s App carousel, streamlining the accessibility of this exciting upgrade. LG TV users will be able to utilize their Magic Remote or voice search to access ROXi, enabling them to delve into a diverse library of music content. Furthermore, those purchasing a 2024 TV will experience even greater integration, with ROXi’s extensive collection seamlessly integrated into the TV’s search function, providing users with a comprehensive and effortless search experience.

Extended Benefits for lg TV Owners

The introduction of ROXi is not the only positive news for LG TV owners, with the announcement of forthcoming webOS software upgrades for older LG televisions. These upgrades are set to bring new Features to screens, delivering a more personalized experience and improved user interface customization. LG has committed to extending these updates over the next five years, with a strong focus on reviving older TV models to feel “brand new.” The drive to enhance user experience showcases LG’s dedication to delivering ongoing value to its customers and ensuring that their TVs remain relevant and enjoyable over time.


In summary, the free upgrade from ROXi to LG TVs presents an exciting opportunity for users to enrich their Entertainment experience. With a substantial collection of music videos and interactive Entertainment options, users can look forward to a more immersive and engaging viewing experience. The collaboration between LG and ROXi emphasizes their commitment to delivering innovative and enjoyable Entertainment solutions to LG TV owners, ensuring that their televisions remain at the forefront of Entertainment technology.

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