Apple’s Entire iPhone 16 Pro Design May Have Leaked In New Report

Apple’s Entire iPhone 16 Pro Design May Have Leaked In New Report

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Apple’s Entire iPhone 16 Pro Design May Have Leaked In New Report

The next iPhone won’t be on sale until the fall. But a new report seems to show every aspect of what is coming, for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, anyway. In a comprehensive feature, MacRumors shows what we can expect in extensive detail.

Likelihood of Design Leak

Actually, it’s quite possible. Apple works on its iPhones for literally years. The cycle will certainly be advanced enough to have gone through several prototypes. Of course, this doesn’t mean things can’t change, but the window for hardware alterations is closing reasonably quickly.

The website says the prototypes are not quite finalized, which I think is about right. Even so, things are unlikely to change radically, so these images are very revealing.

Curves And Titanium

At first glance, they look similar to the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, with similar curved edges, razor-thin bezels and gleaming titanium edge band. But what the images don’t show is a sense of scale: it’s expected that these phones will be a little larger than before, thanks to increased screen sizes.

For the first time since the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max introduced 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch displays respectively, the 2024 models are thought to have 6.3-inch and 6.9-inch screens.

If 0.2 inches doesn’t sound like much, remember that’s the same increase as last time for the bigger phone, and that was definitely noticeable.

Enhanced Camera Capabilities

One reason for the new screens is believed to be to accommodate the tetraprism 5x telephoto lens, something only found on the larger iPhone 15 Pro Max currently. The size was the reason the iPhone 15 Pro couldn’t manage this bigger lens and this year’s release aims to fix that omission.

Button Innovations

According to MacRumors, there were four different versions of button configurations for the iPhone 16 Pro. Apparently, the set-up that has been settled on is similar to the iPhone 15 Pro with two exceptions.

First, there will be an extra button on the right edge, called the Capture button, with pressure-sensitivity that will sit flush to the edge of the phone. It’ll be used to snap photos or shoot videos. Meanwhile, the Action button on the left edge will be similar to how it appears on the iPhone 15 Pro.


These are the key upgrades the iPhone is promising this year in terms of Design and features, though there could be plenty of software additions which we’ll learn about in due course.

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