Screen Icons: Samsung’s Continued Innovation in Home Entertainment and Display Technology

Screen Icons: Samsung’s Continued Innovation in Home Entertainment and Display Technology

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Screen Icons: Samsung’s Continued Innovation in Home Entertainment and Display Technology

For the past 15 years, Samsung has been the top seller in the TV market, continually revolutionizing screen technology to maintain its leading position.

The Evolution of TV technology

Traditionally, televisions were simple devices, but the landscape has drastically changed with the advent of streaming services and smart technologies. Today, TVs integrate into connected home entertainment systems, offering control over other Appliances and devices.

Consumer preferences are shifting towards larger screens, with the sales of 85-inch screens showing a remarkable surge of almost 1,000% since 2019. Nearly half of new TV buyers opt for larger screens, emphasizing the increasing demand for big-screen experiences.

Samsung’s Contribution to Display Technology

As a pioneer in the industry, Samsung continues to introduce advanced screen options, including larger sizes, while maintaining a commitment to user-focused designs, sustainability, and Energy efficiency.

The MICRO LED display is a standout innovation, offering striking color vibrancy and brightness through self-emissive LEDs, resulting in jaw-dropping contrast and a near bezel-less screen. This technology is set to redefine premium at-Home experiences worldwide.

Neo QLED and The Terrace

Samsung’s Neo QLED TVs, available in 4K and 8K resolutions up to 85 inches, showcase the brand’s advanced technology. The latest outdoor TV, The Terrace Full Sun, stretches to 85 inches, offering Home-theater picture quality optimized for outdoor settings.

Moreover, with streaming services releasing cinema-quality content, Samsung’s 98-inch Neo QLED 8K model, powered by an AI-based Neural Quantum Processor, offers enhanced viewing experiences, with a broader spectrum of colors and intense contrast.

Smart and Sustainable Solutions

Besides industry-leading features, Samsung is driving Energy efficiency and sustainability. The company’s environmental strategy aims for carbon neutrality by 2050, investing in innovative technologies to reduce carbon emissions, along with a significant increase in renewable plastics usage.

Furthermore, Samsung has developed the SolarCell Remote, which can recharge using both outdoor and indoor light, eliminating the need for traditional batteries, contributing to a greener Environment.

Integrated Home Ecosystem and Energy Efficiency

Samsung’s fully integrated home ecosystem, SmartThings, leverages Artificial Intelligence to improve energy efficiency across connected devices, including TVs. Built-in processors and sensors analyze viewing environments and adjust settings to reduce energy consumption.

industry Leadership

Samsung’s commitment to pioneering technology has garnered immense trust and loyalty from consumers. Omdia confirms Samsung as the global No.1 TV brand for 17 years, a testament to the brand’s enduring market Leadership.

Cheolgi Kim, executive vice president of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, pledges to continue creating premium device experiences that transcend picture quality, cementing Samsung’s industry leadership.

Disclaimers: 1. Panel protected up to hours in sunlight at 700 watts and 104 degrees Fahrenheit; brightness may decrease to protect panel with Other high temperature and sunlight conditions.
2. IP56 rated for dust and water.
3. Utilizes AI-based formulas to upscale to 8K resolution. Resulting picture may vary based on source content.
4. Samsung Neo QLED televisions can produce 100% Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color space, the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television.
5. Streaming Games with Gaming Hub requires a high-speed internet connection, compatible controller, and game service subscription.

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