Samsung Galaxy S24 sounds super dull — and AI is not enough to save it

Samsung Galaxy S24 sounds super dull — and AI is not enough to save it

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Samsung Galaxy S24: AI Alone Cannot Save a Lackluster Device

The unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S24 on January 17 has been accompanied by much anticipation and speculation, with the company emphasizing the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into its upcoming flagship phone. However, it seems that the reliance on AI may not be sufficient to compensate for what promises to be an underwhelming hardware upgrade.

Underwhelming rumors Point to a Lackluster Offering

The pre-launch rumors surrounding the Galaxy S24 series have left many unimpressed, particularly in relation to the purported hardware upgrades. It appears that little innovation can be expected, especially when compared to its predecessor, the Galaxy S23. With an emphasis on AI as the flagship feature, it seems as though Samsung is banking on the allure of new technology to drive sales. However, it remains to be seen whether this strategy will yield the desired outcome.

Minor Changes Fail to Excite

Rumors suggest minimal hardware modifications for the base galaxy s24 model, including a marginally larger display and a new chipset. The Ultra model, while offering a few additional enhancements, ultimately falls short of inspiring excitement in terms of hardware improvements. With incremental upgrades becoming the norm in the smartphone industry, it is imperative for manufacturers to find ways to differentiate themselves and deliver compelling reasons for consumers to upgrade.

AI Integration: A Bid to Offset Lackluster Hardware

The emphasis on AI in the Galaxy S24 series signals Samsung’s attempt to compensate for the apparent dearth of significant hardware upgrades. This approach raises questions as to whether AI features alone can entice users to invest in the new device. Despite the proliferation of AI in smartphones, its practical applications have failed to generate substantial excitement among consumers.

AI in Phones: A Familiar Narrative

The use of AI in smartphones is not groundbreaking, with various manufacturers, including Google and Samsung, incorporating AI capabilities in their devices. However, the challenge lies in leveraging AI effectively to deliver meaningful enhancements that truly resonate with consumers. While the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset and its AI-powered features have generated considerable buzz, the imminent reveal of the Galaxy S24 will shed light on the extent of AI integration in Samsung’s new flagship.

The Potential Pitfalls of AI-Centric Marketing

Amidst the industry’s fervent promotion of AI, there exists a critical question regarding its impact on consumer purchasing decisions. While AI can undoubtedly enhance the user experience, its efficacy as a driving force for new device adoption remains uncertain. It is imperative to ensure that AI features do not overshadow the fundamental hardware attributes that contribute to a device’s appeal and functionality.

The Need for Substantial Hardware Enhancements

As the smartphone market experiences a period of evolution rather than revolution, the onus is on manufacturers to deliver substantial hardware improvements that captivate consumers. While AI undoubtedly plays a valuable role in enhancing device capabilities, it cannot serve as a sole justification for upgrading to a new model. Consumers increasingly seek compelling reasons to invest in new devices, beyond the allure of technological advancements.

Debunking the AI Hype

The fervent promotion of AI by technology companies often generates significant anticipation, only for the practical applications to fall short of expectations. The true impact of AI in smartphones lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate with existing hardware, thereby delivering tangible benefits to users. As such, the upcoming release of the Galaxy S24 will provide valuable insights into the potential of AI-powered features in a contemporary flagship device.

Hope Amidst Speculation

While the rumors surrounding the galaxy s24 have painted a somewhat lackluster picture, there remains a possibility that the device may defy expectations and introduce substantial advancements. This serves as a reminder that pre-launch speculation should be tempered with a healthy dose of skepticism, as manufacturers have the capacity to surprise and innovate in ways that may go beyond the circulated rumors.

AI as a Complementary Enhancement

As the smartphone industry navigates the evolving landscape of technological advancement, it is essential to position AI as a complementary enhancement rather than a primary attraction. An optimal smartphone experience seamlessly integrates AI capabilities with robust hardware, presenting a compelling proposition for consumers seeking to upgrade their devices. Striking a harmonious balance between AI and hardware is crucial to delivering a holistic and captivating user experience.

The Unveiling: A Moment of Truth

The impending Galaxy Unpacked event holds the promise of unveiling the true nature of the Galaxy S24 and the extent to which AI will feature as a cornerstone of its appeal. This highly anticipated event offers an opportunity for Samsung to dispel the prevailing reservations and showcase a device that embodies innovation and captivates consumers with compelling features. Ultimately, the unveiling will serve as a litmus test for the company’s ability to deliver a flagship device that meets and surpasses expectations.


As Samsung’s Galaxy S24 prepares to take center stage, the integration of AI holds the potential to redefine the smartphone experience. However, it is essential to recognize that AI cannot act as a standalone justification for a lackluster hardware upgrade. The true measure of the Galaxy S24’s impact will be revealed in substance, with tangible hardware enhancements and integrated AI features presenting a compelling proposition for consumers. The imminent unveiling of the Galaxy S24 will serve as a seminal moment, shaping the narrative of flagship smartphone innovation in the year ahead.

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