‘You’re a lifesaver’ Samsung owners cry as phone expert reveals ‘sleeping’ trick that can save their battery life

‘You’re a lifesaver’ Samsung owners cry as phone expert reveals ‘sleeping’ trick that can save their battery life

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You’re a Lifesaver: Saving Samsung Battery Life While You Sleep


Samsung phone owners can now rejoice as a new ‘lifesaving’ trick has emerged, promising to extend their device’s battery life during their sleep. This innovative solution comes as a relief to those who often forget to charge their Phones overnight or purposely refrain from doing so to prevent long-term battery degradation.

The Revelation

The acclaimed phone expert, @_technicallyalex, took to TikTok to unveil the ‘sleeping’ trick to his audience. This revelation addresses the common issue of waking up to a significantly drained battery and the subsequent rush to recharge before starting the day.

The Technique

The ‘sleeping’ trick harnesses Samsung’s Routine feature, available on various devices including the Galaxy S and Note series, A52, Z Fold, and Z Flip. With this feature, users can establish a custom routine to optimize battery usage during sleep time, ensuring they awake to a more adequately charged phone.

Setting Up the Routine

To initiate the ‘sleeping’ trick, users must access the Settings, navigate to Modes and Routines, and create a new routine. This routine is designed to be triggered based on specific stimuli, primarily the time period of sleep and wake cycles. By establishing a consistent schedule, the routine becomes a fundamental component of nightly phone care.

Enabling the Trick

Once the time parameters are set, a second condition is added to monitor the phone’s charging status. If the phone is not charging, the routine automatically activates the Power Saving mode. This proactive measure aims to conserve battery life during periods of non-usage, intelligently optimizing power consumption.

Benefits Unveiled

With the implementation of this ‘sleeping’ trick, users can securely retire to bed knowing that their phone, when left uncharged, will autonomously transition into the battery-saving mode. This seamless execution ensures that users wake up to a phone with a significantly improved battery charge, ready to tackle the day’s demands without the anxiety of a low battery.


As Mobile technologies continue to advance, the importance of enhancing battery preservation techniques cannot be overstated. Through the ‘sleeping’ trick, Samsung users have been bestowed with a valuable tool to prolong their device’s battery life, thereby mitigating the inconvenience and potential long-term effects of frequent overnight charging.

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