Tata, Pegatron commit over $1 billion to expand iPhone production in Tamil Nadu

Tata, Pegatron commit over $1 billion to expand iPhone production in Tamil Nadu

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Tata, Pegatron commit over $1 billion to expand iPhone production in Tamil Nadu


In a significant move, Tata Electronics and Pegatron have pledged a combined investment of over $1 billion to expand iPhone production in Tamil Nadu, india. The investment is expected to bolster the region’s electronics manufacturing sector and create new employment opportunities.


Following its acquisition of Wistron’s iPhone plant for $125 million in 2023, Tata Electronics has announced a substantial investment of $1.4 billion to establish mobile phone assembly operations. Located in Karnataka, the former Wistron plant will now witness a significant boost in operations as a result of this investment deal with the neighboring Tamil Nadu region. Additionally, iPhone assembler Pegatron has committed $120 million for its expansion in the region.

Government’s Announcement

The investment news was formally announced by the government of Tamil Nadu at an event dedicated to a total investment of over $4 billion in the region, encompassing the smartphone, Electric Vehicle, and energy generation sectors, among others. The Industries Minister of Tamil Nadu, TRB Rajaa, expressed his elation and emphasized that the investments would generate employment opportunities for the youth of Tamil Nadu, promoting distributed growth across the region.

Impact on economy

The investment by Tata Electronics and Pegatron is poised to bring about a positive transformation in the economic landscape of Tamil Nadu. The region’s focus on diverse, equitable, sustainable, and inclusive growth, as highlighted by the Industries Minister, underlines the potential for widespread economic development.

Future Prospects

Furthermore, the government’s commitment to an investor-friendly approach and emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusivity bodes well for the future prospects of the region. The Minister’s assurance of impending investment news suggests ongoing interest and potential opportunities for Apple suppliers in the near future.


In conclusion, the investment commitments from Tata Electronics and Pegatron signal a significant boost for iPhone production in Tamil Nadu. This development aligns with the region’s efforts to drive inclusive growth and economic prosperity through strategic investments and partnerships.

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