The 5 best Bluetooth trackers for 2024

The 5 best Bluetooth trackers for 2024

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The 5 Best Bluetooth Trackers for 2024

Are you someone who often finds yourself searching for lost belongings? Do your car keys always seem to disappear? No matter how organized you are, there are times when you struggle to keep track of important items. In those instances, a Bluetooth tracker could change your life — and keep you from losing your cool.

Benefits of bluetooth trackers

Bluetooth trackers differ widely in size, range, alert volume, battery characteristics, smartphone platform compatibility, and price. With these varying aspects in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best Bluetooth trackers on the market to help you decide which one works best for you — whether you’re an Android or an iPhone user.

Apple AirTag

One of the top offerings in the Bluetooth tracker market for 2024 is the Apple AirTag. This tiny, circular tracker can be attached to any item, from keys to wallets or bags. It seamlessly integrates with the Find My app on your iPhone, allowing you to locate your items with ease. Through PrecisionFinding, which utilizes Ultra-Wideband Technology, the AirTag provides precise location details, showing the direction and distance to your item. Moreover, the FindMyNetwork feature enables you to track down your AirTag using billions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices worldwide.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

For those entrenched in the Samsung universe, the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is the go-to Bluetooth tracker choice. With a range of nearly 390 feet, this compact square tag works seamlessly with the SmartThings app and is compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones. Additionally, the SmartTag boasts the ability to function as a control button for home devices through the SmartThings app. This feature adds a level of versatility, allowing users to manage their home Appliances with a single click.

Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is a popular tracking option for users seeking to keep tabs on their essential items such as keys, backpacks, or wallets. Accompanied by a free app, the Tile Mate offers a range of up to 250 feet and is compatible with iOS and Android devices, as well as amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. With the Tile Network, users can leverage the collective support of the community to locate lost items, ensuring a higher likelihood of retrieval.

Chipolo One

Similar to the Tile Mate, the circular Chipolo One tracker offers a range of 200 feet and comes in six different colors, providing users with a variety of options for customization. Its standout feature is the loud alarm, reaching up to 120 decibels, making it an excellent choice for locating keys. Furthermore, the out-of-range alerts offered at no extra cost ensure that users are alerted if they are about to leave their belongings behind.

Orbit Bluetooth Key Finder

Orbit’s Bluetooth Key Finder boasts an anodized aluminum build with a waterproof casing, making it a durable choice for users. With a maximum range of 50 meters, this tracker also serves as a remote camera button, adding a unique and practical feature for users. Additionally, the inclusion of a replaceable battery and a two-year warranty further enhances the value proposition of this device.

Tile Sticker

For those looking for a more discreet tracking solution, the compact Tile Sticker provides a compact sticker that can be directly affixed to items such as laptops, remote controls, pet tags, or smartphones. With its water-resistant design and compatibility with popular voice assistants like amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, the Tile Sticker offers an effective and unobtrusive tracking option for a variety of belongings.


When it comes to keeping track of important items, Bluetooth trackers have become indispensable tools. Whether you’re an Apple enthusiast, a Samsung user, or prefer the versatility of brands like Tile and Chipolo, there are diverse options available to suit your specific needs. With advanced features such as PrecisionFinding, integrated network support, and compatibility with popular voice assistants, Bluetooth trackers offer a range of functionalities to make sure you never lose your important items again.

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