Tekken 8's eye-grating colourblind mode is causing concern among accessibility experts

Tekken 8’s eye-grating colourblind mode is causing concern among accessibility experts

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tekken 8‘s Eye-Grating Colourblind Mode

Players and accessibility experts are expressing their concerns over the upcoming Tekken 8’s colourblind mode, which has been reported to cause migraines and vertigo among individuals. The director of the game, Katsuhiro Harada, has responded to the video showcasing the controversial feature, but questions still remain about its potential impact.

Video Sparks Controversy

Last week, a video circulating on social media unveiled Tekken 8’s colourblind mode, featuring two fighters replaced by stark white and black lines. The contrasting lines, combined with the characters’ movements and attacks, have triggered adverse reactions among several players, including migraines and sensations of vertigo. Accessibility experts, including industry veterans such as James Berg and Morgan Baker, have raised significant concerns, cautioning that the filter’s effects may be particularly alarming for individuals with epilepsy and other photosensitive conditions.

Accessibility Concerns

The pattern of moving lines on the screen creates a high-frequency flashing effect, reminiscent of an invisible strobe light. This has raised alarm bells within the accessibility community, with experts urging caution in the dissemination of content showcasing the filter. The potential for triggering severe side effects, particularly in individuals with photosensitive epilepsy, is a cause for major concern. Ian Hamilton, an accessibility expert, emphasized the gravity of the situation, drawing parallels to the infamous Pokémon episode in 1997 that inadvertently induced epileptic seizures in children.

Director’s Response

In response to the widespread concerns, Tekken 8 director Katsuhiro Harada provided a detailed statement, addressing some of the issues raised. Harada highlighted that the colour vision options in the game are a result of extensive collaboration with research institutes and communities, emphasizing ongoing efforts to expand and improve these accessibility Features in the future. Despite positive feedback from certain demo play participants, Harada acknowledged that the current options do not cater to the color vision of all players. This acknowledgment, however, does little to assuage the fears of the community regarding the inclusion of the controversial colourblind mode in the final release of Tekken 8.

Implications for the Final Release

Based on Harada’s statement, the striped colourblind mode appears poised to be integrated into the game’s full release. With the game scheduled for launch later this month, players are urged to exercise caution and thoroughly review the settings before engaging in gameplay. The unresolved issues surrounding the colourblind mode and its potential impact on players, particularly those with accessibility needs, continue to loom large, raising questions about the game’s inclusivity and the responsibility of developers to prioritize the well-being of all players.


The controversy surrounding Tekken 8’s colourblind mode serves as a powerful reminder of the critical role of accessibility in the gaming industry. As technology continues to advance, developers must remain vigilant in their efforts to accommodate diverse player needs. The ongoing dialogue between the gaming community, accessibility experts, and developers is crucial in fostering an inclusive gaming Environment that prioritizes the well-being and enjoyment of all players, irrespective of their individual needs and challenges.

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