Son uses AI to ‘resurrect’ late father for moving Christmas gift: ‘I got chills’

Son uses AI to ‘resurrect’ late father for moving Christmas gift: ‘I got chills’

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Son uses AI to ‘resurrect’ late father for moving Christmas gift: ‘I got chills’

In a heartwarming display of emotional innovation, a Missouri man has utilized artificial intelligence (AI) to resurrect the voice of his deceased father as a heartwarming Christmas gift for his mother.

Resurrecting Memories

Philip Willett, a content creator from Missouri, touched the world with an AI-powered rendition of his father’s voice, allowing his mother to experience a poignant moment of connection with her late husband. Willett used an AI technology he typically employs for work to produce this meaningful tribute to his father, who succumbed to pancreatic cancer in 2022.

Initially hesitant, Willett shared that using the AI to replicate his father’s voice felt “weird,” a sentiment that he expressed during an interview with “Good Morning America.” However, with time, he overcame his reservations, drawing inspiration from a community of individuals who employ similar technologies to digitally engage with deceased loved ones.

The Missourian employed ElevenLabs’ text-to-speech software to meticulously match his late father’s voice, emphasizing the crucial role this precision played in bringing his unique project to fruition. Despite his initial apprehensions, Willett’s efforts resulted in a remarkable replication of his father’s intonation and speech patterns.

A Touching Christmas Surprise

The heart-rending result of Willett’s labor of love was a digital Christmas card featuring his recreated father’s voice, granting the illusion of his presence during the festive season. The emotional video booklet, which Willett presented to his mother, featured cherished photographs and the compelling revival of his father’s voice.

As the footage unfolds, his mother, Trish Willett, is seen opening the video book and being greeted by her late husband’s voice. With tender words such as “Hi Honey, I love ya” and messages of love and support, the AI-generated voiceover reduced his mother to tears, offering her a poignant reminder of the enduring presence of her late husband. The reunion between the mother and son at the conclusion of the video encapsulated the emotional impact of this heartwarming gesture.

Impact and Response

The touching video, which drew more than 5.6 million views on its platform, evoked an outpouring of emotion and empathy from viewers worldwide. Commentators expressed their deep resonance with the moving narrative, with many sharing their own experiences of loss and longing for similar connections with departed loved ones.

Responding to the poignant moment, one TikTok user conveyed the sentiments shared by many, articulating, “I knew I was going to cry but I still stayed because I think your dad deserved to be known.” Another expressed personal empathy, sharing, “I lost my dad to pancreatic cancer two years ago. I don’t know if I could handle this, but I miss his voice so much.”

Broader Implications and Considerations

Willett’s touching endeavor emerges against a backdrop of ongoing advancements in AI technology, with companies exploring the potential for individuals to upload the consciousness of departed loved ones onto computers. While this innovation offers the promise of facilitating connections with lost loved ones, ethical concerns have surfaced regarding the implication of generating posthumous interactions.

The widespread use of AI-generated likenesses, both for living individuals and the deceased, has prompted discussions on safeguarding against potential misuse, including fraudulent activities and deceptive practices. Notably, concerns regarding the ethical dimensions of digitally resurrecting individuals in the posthumous realm continue to be debated within society.

The ethical conundrum surrounding AI-generated replicas has garnered attention from notable figures, as exemplified by Hollywood icon Tom Hanks, who cautioned his followers about the unauthorized use of his AI-generated likeness for commercial purposes. This highlights the importance of developing ethical guidelines to govern the use of AI in replicating individuals, especially those who have passed away.


Philip Willett’s poignant use of AI to reconnect his mother with her late husband underscores the potential of technology to deliver deeply emotional and meaningful experiences. While his Christmas gift evoked an array of emotions, it also sparks a compelling conversation around the ethical considerations and impacts associated with AI in recreating the voices and personalities of individuals, past and present.

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