Oppo Find N3 smartphone review - The high-end foldable without an annoying crease [Oneplus Open]

Oppo Find N3 smartphone review – The high-end foldable without an annoying crease [Oneplus Open]

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Oppo Find N3 Smartphone Review: The High-End Foldable Without an Annoying Crease [Oneplus Open]


The Oppo Find N3, a high-end foldable smartphone primarily intended for the Asian market, offers a unique foldable OLED panel and a strong camera, including a periscope lens. In this review, we delve into whether the Oppo Find N3 delivers on its promises.

Design and Build Quality

The Oppo Find N3 boasts a sleek and identical design to its sister model, the OnePlus Open, with an emphasis on camera quality and a 20:9 aspect ratio for its 6.31-inch cover display. The device’s flexible panel is protected by special Schott UTG glass, ensuring a display-to-surface ratio of 89.8 percent.

Hardware and Performance

The Oppo Find N3 comes equipped with a 932 GB UFS-4.0 storage, NFC, Bluetooth 5.3, USB-OTG, Miracast, and USB 3.1, along with an Android 13 operating system and ColorOS 13.2. The phone’s hardware enables high data transfer rates and seamless connectivity with 5G and Wi-Fi 7 networks.

Camera Quality and Imaging Capabilities

The Oppo Find N3’s main camera, featuring a 48-MPix sensor with Hasselblad branding and a 1/1.43-inch Sony Lytia-T808 sensor, delivers impressive color depiction values and an extensive range of lenses, including a 64-MPix tele lens with 3x lossless zoom and a 48-MPix ultra-wide angle camera. However, in low-light conditions, some room for improvement is noted.

Display Performance and User Experience

The Oppo Find N3 boasts a 7.82-inch LTPO 3.0 flex display with a dynamic refresh rate of between 1 and 120 Hz, offering an intense brightness even in direct sunlight. However, the device’s OLED technology is subject to PWM flickering at low brightness levels, and its surface temperatures may rise under full load.

Sound Quality and Battery Performance

Equipped with stereo loudspeakers and a 4,805-mAh battery, the Oppo Find N3 delivers a balanced and quality sound output, accompanied by a rapid 50-minute charging time using the 65-watt charger. The device also offers impressive runtimes in WLAN tests.

Comparative Analysis and Recommendations

When compared to its competitors such as the Galaxy Z Fold5, the Oppo Find N3 stands out for its minimal crease, precise calibration of its flexible OLED display, and impressive brightness. However, it faces import restrictions and offers a more mainstream aspect ratio, which may impact its appeal to certain users.


In conclusion, the Oppo Find N3 presents a compelling option for foldable smartphone enthusiasts, with its impressive display technology and camera capabilities. However, potential buyers should consider import limitations and weigh their options against global alternatives such as the OnePlus Open, Honor Magic V2, and Xiaomi Mix Fold 3.

Final Thoughts

Although the Oppo Find N3 offers a distinct foldable experience, potential buyers should carefully evaluate their requirements and preferences in light of its unique features and the potential impact of import restrictions. This review sheds light on the key aspects of the Oppo Find N3, enabling consumers to make informed decisions in line with their needs and expectations.

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