Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? An Engineering Perspective

Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? An Engineering Perspective

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans? An Engineering Perspective

Our world is and should be evolving, but technology is far from being able to fully replace highly skilled engineers. In a world dominated by economic value and increased automation, there is a growing worry about whether AI will replace humans.

The Rise of Robots in Engineering

It was expected that robots would replace low-skilled labor, particularly in monotonous and dangerous tasks on factory floors. However, the reality is that human labor remains more cost-effective than investing in purchasing and programming robots for most facilities. In addition to robotics hardware, the cost of training is substantial.

Only in large-scale production, such as smartphone assembly, has robotics become practical due to the high volume. The latest robotics systems with computer vision and artificial intelligence can train themselves and follow generic commands in natural language, showing tremendous potential for robotics automation.

Impact of AI on Copywriting

Copywriting became popular because persuasive content makes a big impact in grabbing the audience’s attention. Presently, the work of copywriters may be greatly facilitated by artificial intelligence. While AI may empower engineers with specialized knowledge to write compelling articles without hiring other people, AI cannot completely replace copywriters due to the importance of high taste and the quality of text.

The Role of AI in Industrial Design

Graphic designers are embracing AI tech, while the realm of Industrial Design clings to manual processes. High-end professionals rely on their processes and creativity, and although AI can assist less skilled designers and expedite the design process, it does not revolutionize the field. AI-generated product renders often fall short of perfection or don’t account for manufacturing limitations.

The Conversation about 10x Engineers

The hot conversation in Silicon Valley revolves around whether AI can replace large software engineering staff. With AI, 10x engineers can drive even more value, resulting in a team of 10 programmers, together with an AI copilot, doing more than their entire organization did before. However, programmers should not greatly worry about their jobs, as AI should be seen as a tool to complement their work.

AI‘s Role in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers develop physical products, and while AI can augment and expedite development, it cannot design a new product for a startup. AI co-pilot can help perform calculations, solve math problems, and expedite the development process, but the human touch is crucial in the integration of electronics and mechanics.

The Meticulous Work of Mechanical Engineers

The integration of electronics and mechanics is a meticulous, hands-on affair. Currently, no AI software exists to seamlessly handle the complexities of developing mechanical devices. While sophisticated AI tools may exist, the bulk of the work is done by skilled hands, highlighting the irreplaceable reliance on human touch.


Our world is and should be evolving, but technology is far from being able to fully replace highly skilled engineers. While AI can complement and enhance certain aspects of work, it is unlikely to completely overshadow the expertise and capabilities of skilled specialists. Key qualities such as creativity, effective communication, and the ability to devise innovative solutions remain invaluable, and the human touch remains irreplaceable in the field of engineering.

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