The cynical but important commentary of the Obama-produced film ‘Leave the World Behind’

The cynical but important commentary of the Obama-produced film ‘Leave the World Behind’

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The Cynical but Important Commentary of the Obama-Produced Film ‘Leave the World Behind’

The hit new Netflix movie “Leave the World Behind” draws some curiously cynical conclusions. The film delves into present-day alternate universe where technology is abruptly rendered moot. The question arises – is this what Barack Obama thinks?

A Thought-Provoking Exploration

The movie, directed by Sam Esmail and adapted from the 2020 novel by Rumaan Alam, is produced by former President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama. The involvement of the Obamas as producers raises questions about the film’s underlying message and its commentary on American society.

A Bleak Assessment of American Culture

One of the themes in the film is a general disillusionment with Americans today. This is evident from the opening scene where Julia Roberts, who stars alongside Ethan Hawke and Mahershala Ali, expresses her disdain for people and American society. The film dissects the societal commentary, delving into class and race themes, and challenging performative progressivism.

The movie offers an indictment of the sort of performative progressivism observed within our culture today. It’s intriguing that this viewpoint would receive the Obama seal of approval. Moreover, the film dissects the societal commentary, delving into class and race themes, and challenging performative progressivism.

An Ominous Portrayal of Society Without Technology

The film explores the implications of a society suddenly deprived of the technology it heavily relies on. As the characters grapple with the loss of cell phone service, Wi-Fi, and TV, panic ensues. The absence of technology amplifies the horror aspects of the film, reflecting a sense of pathetic tragedy within the unfolding events.

Ethan Hawke’s character, Clay, experiences navigational challenges without GPS, while Tesla self-driving cars malfunction and collide. The film adeptly critiques our cultural dependence on technology, offering a shrewd social commentary. It further extends into the younger generation’s disconnection from nature, possibly attributed to the combined impact of technology and the pandemic, echoing a profound societal reflection.

A Deeply Cynical Worldview

As the plot unfolds, the cause of the blackouts, a seemingly catastrophic event, remains partially unexplained. There are allusions to “Havana Syndrome” and “Death to America” flyers written in Arabic. This narrative veers into deeply cynical territory, prompting contemplation of whether it reflects Barack Obama’s own perspective on society.

Esmail’s contemplation of the Covid pandemic and its impact on societal unity is evident. The film’s dissection of the country’s response offers a stark perspective, potentially mirroring the societal upheaval caused by the pandemic, with the populace potentially turning on each other and sparking civil unrest. Furthermore, the film seems to suggest that the elites and the populace alike are at a loss, portraying a heavy, almost nihilistic conclusion – potentially echoing Obama’s sentiments.

Important Societal Reflections

The thought-provoking film prompts a critical examination of societal values and perspectives. It challenges viewers to contemplate the consequences of societal reliance on technology, culturally performative progressivism, and the erosion of unity within a society. The film’s poignant commentary presents an essential catalyst for meaningful discussions about the modern world.

As we navigate an increasingly technologically-driven society, the film raises questions on the sustainability of our cultural values, societal hierarchies, and the potential ramifications of division caused by external factors. It reflects the need for introspection and collective examination of the societal constructs that shape our lives.


The film “Leave the World Behind,” produced by the Obamas, offers a profoundly introspective commentary on contemporary society’s ills. It challenges preconceived notions and thoughtfully dissects societal values. While presenting a somewhat dystopian portrayal, its significance lies in sparking vital conversations about the trajectory of modern society. The film acts as a powerful mirror, urging us to evaluate and redefine our cultural, technological, and societal realities.

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