Xerox Layoffs 2023: What to Know About the Latest XRX Job Cuts

Xerox Layoffs 2023: What to Know About the Latest XRX Job Cuts

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Xerox Layoffs 2023: What to Know About the Latest XRX Job Cuts

Xerox, a major technology company, is currently undergoing significant changes as it recently announced a restructuring plan that includes a 15% reduction in its workforce. This move has sparked considerable interest and concern among investors, employees, and industry observers.

Revealing the Restructuring Plan

Shares of Xerox (NASDAQ: XRX) plummeted by approximately 10% subsequent to the announcement of the workforce reduction. The company’s restructuring plan, known as the Reinvention and Operating Model, involves not only layoffs but also key executive team realignment. The newly appointed chief operating officer (COO), chief financial officer (CFO), and president reflect the company’s revamped Leadership structure.

CEO’s Perspective

The CEO, Steven Bandrowczak, has articulated that the restructuring plan aims to streamline the company’s core print Business, enhance profitability, and boost investment in its partner-enabled go-to-market model. Furthermore, the plan involves centralizing internal processes and generating operating leverage for its global Business services priority. Xerox also seeks to diversify its revenue streams in the information technology (IT) and digital services arena by targeting high growth and profitable markets.

Market Performance and Analyst Insights

Over the past five years, XRX stock has substantially underperformed the market, with a 21% decline compared to the S&P 500’s 86% gain. This downward trend has led to a lack of bullish sentiment from Wall Street analysts, as indicated by the average price target of $14.33, representing a potential downside of 10% from current levels. However, the company’s restructuring plan could potentially influence future price target considerations.

Impact of Recent Events

The announcement of the workforce reduction comes on the heels of a security breach experienced by Xerox Business Solutions (XBS) U.S., a subsidiary of Xerox. Despite the breach, Xerox emphasized that XBS U.S. did not suffer any significant consequences from the event. Despite these challenges, Xerox remains committed to addressing its core Business priorities and improving its financial performance.


The latest developments at Xerox, including the workforce reduction and restructuring plan, have evoked mixed reactions from various stakeholders. While the stock market has reacted negatively to these changes, the long-term impact of Xerox’s realignment efforts remains to be seen. As the company continues to navigate through these challenging times, close attention from investors and industry analysts will provide valuable insights into its future trajectory.

Disclaimer: On the date of publication, Eddie Pan did not hold any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the Publishing Guidelines.

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