This outdoor protective headset harvests indoor and outdoor light to charge itself

This outdoor protective headset harvests indoor and outdoor light to charge itself

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The Future of Over-Ear Audio: 3M’s Self-Charging Protective Headset

As Artificial Intelligence continues to dominate conversations at CES 2024, 3M is set to introduce an equally innovative product: the self-charging protective headset. Utilizing a patented solar cell technology, 3M’s protective communications headset marks a significant leap in over-ear audio solutions, promising to revolutionize the way we perceive and utilize headset capabilities.

Revolutionizing Charging Mechanisms

Unveiled in its official press release, the WS Alert XPV headset is poised to transform industry standards by harnessing indoor and outdoor light to power itself. Powered by the revolutionary Powerfoyle solar cell technology, the headset Features a built-in lithium-ion battery that continuously charges, eliminating the hassle of single-use batteries or frequent recharging.

Notably, the solar cell technology enables the headset to remain consistently charged throughout the day, ensuring uninterrupted communication for users. This revolutionary charging mechanism positions 3M’s protective headset as a frontrunner in sustainable and self-sufficient Energy solutions.

A Collaborative Technological Endeavor

3M’s partnership with Swedish-based Exeger has been instrumental in integrating the Powerfoyle solar cells into the headset’s Design. By leveraging Exeger’s expertise, 3M has not only mastered the implementation of solar cell technology but has also ensured sustainable manufacturing processes.

Exeger’s commitment to clean Energy is reflected in its two main Powerfoyle manufacturing facilities based in Stockholm, aligning seamlessly with 3M’s dedication to environmental protection. This collaborative effort epitomizes a fusion of innovative technology and mindful sustainability, setting an industry standard for responsible product development.

Pioneering Design and Functionality

The WS Alert XPV headset boasts a robust Design, reminiscent of the Corsair’s HS80 with an industrial edge, exuding reliability and durability. While specific details on construction and weather resistance remain undisclosed, the headset’s protective nature suggests a high level of resilience, suitable for demanding work environments.

Moreover, the headset’s advanced features, such as the Push-to-Listen (PTL) functionality, accentuate its practicality in industrial settings. The PTL feature enables users to swiftly tune into ambient sounds, a crucial advantage in noisy environments where seamless communication is paramount.

Enhanced Communication Capabilities

In addition to the PTL feature, the WS Alert XPV includes a noise-cancelling microphone, ensuring clear and crisp communication even amidst bustling surroundings. Furthermore, the glove-friendly push buttons facilitate effortless adjustments, removing the need to remove protective gear during operation.

This comprehensive suite of Features positions the WS Alert XPV as a game-changing device for industry workers and hard-hat wearers, demonstrating 3M’s commitment to facilitating efficient and effective communication in challenging work environments.

CES 2024 Unveiling and Consumer Availability

3M is set to showcase the light-powered headset at CES 2024, offering an exclusive glimpse into the future of over-ear Audio technology. The official release of the WS Alert XPV is slated for March, promising consumers the opportunity to experience the groundbreaking advancements and unparalleled functionality of this innovative protective headset.


3M’s self-charging protective headset represents a pivotal milestone in the evolution of over-ear Audio solutions. With a focus on sustainability, advanced technology, and enhanced functionality, the WS Alert XPV embodies 3M’s 70-year commitment to innovation in the communication sector.

As the industry prepares to embrace this revolutionary product, the WS Alert XPV stands as a testament to the boundless potential of solar-powered technology, setting a new benchmark for self-sufficient and environmentally conscious Audio solutions.

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