Roku Claims New Pro Series 4K TVs Will Optimize Your Settings With AI

Roku Claims New Pro Series 4K TVs Will Optimize Your Settings With AI

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Roku Claims New Pro Series 4K TVs Will Optimize Your Settings With AI

roku, a leading TV streaming platform in the U.S. and Canada, is aiming to shed its “budget” TV brand image.

Roku’s Move Toward premium TV

Positioned as the top TV streaming platform, Roku is now eyeing a share of the premium TV market with its announcement of the Roku Pro Series TVs.

These high-end TVs, coming in 55-, 65-, and 75-inch sizes, are set to hit the market with competitive pricing, staying under the $1,500 mark.

The Pro Series TVs feature Mini-LED with 4K QLED resolutions, local dimming, and enhanced Audio technology, promising a superior viewing experience.

Introducing roku Smart Picture

Roku is set to introduce the new Roku Smart Picture, a feature developed by Roku’s Picture Quality Tuning Team that leverages AI and data from other streaming platforms.

Smart Picture is designed to autonomously adjust the TV picture to optimize the viewing experience, eliminating the need for manual settings adjustments.

roku‘s Collaboration and Market Position

Roku’s Pro series TVs are developed in collaboration with third-party Manufacturing partners, Roku Select and Roku Plus.

In addition to the Pro series, Roku is set to launch additional TVs later this year, further expanding its product lineup.

roku is reinforcing its position as the leading streaming platform in the U.S., backed by data on market share.

Final Thoughts on Roku’s Pro Series TVs

While there may be visually appealing budget TVs available, roku‘s platform-agnostic approach has established its stronghold in the streaming TV market.

With the release of the Pro Series 4K TVs and the introduction of Roku Smart Picture, Roku is poised to cater to users seeking a premium viewing experience without the complexity of manual settings adjustments.

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