This iPhone keyboard case turns it into the BlackBerry it once conquered

This iPhone keyboard case turns it into the BlackBerry it once conquered

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This iPhone Keyboard Case Turns It into the BlackBerry It Once Conquered


While slabs of glass have dominated the Smartphone world, there is a lingering nostalgia for the tactile feedback of the iconic BlackBerry keyboard. With the rise of touchscreen smartphones, the physical QWERTY keyboard seemed to be fading into obscurity. However, a new accessory has emerged to bridge the gap between modern touchscreen devices and the familiar typing experience of the past.

Introducing the clicks Keyboard Case

The clicks Keyboard Case, developed in part by UK-based clicks Technology and industry veterans with a deep understanding of physical keyboards, offers iPhone users the opportunity to experience the addictive tactile feedback of a full physical keyboard without sacrificing screen real estate. Scheduled for launch on February 1, this innovative accessory aims to redefine the typing experience on smartphones.

Bringing Back the Tactile Experience

As someone who has witnessed the evolution of mobile technology since 1997, I have experienced the joy of using physical QWERTY keyboards on iconic devices such as BlackBerry, HTC, and Nokia. The clicks Keyboard Case captures the essence of this tactile typing experience, providing users with a seamless transition from virtual keyboards to a more familiar and efficient input method.

Key Features of the clicks Keyboard Case

By seamlessly attaching to the bottom of an iPhone, the Clicks Keyboard Case ensures that the full display remains accessible for Apps and content, addressing the limitation of past physical keyboards on devices with smaller displays. Additionally, the inclusion of a backlight enhances usability in low-light conditions, further refining the user experience.

Moreover, the case supports iOS keyboard shortcuts, leveraging Apple‘s native functionality to enhance productivity and streamline the typing process. This integration of familiar features from the BlackBerry era, such as keyboard shortcuts, brings a sense of nostalgia while complementing the modern iOS ecosystem.

Furthermore, the clicks Keyboard Case adopts a direct connection approach by utilizing the lightning or USB-C port on the iPhone, eliminating the need for a Bluetooth connection. This not only simplifies the pairing process but also allows users to charge their iPhone through an extension port on the case, ensuring uninterrupted usage.

Unveiling Enhanced Functionality

Accompanying the clicks Keyboard Case is a dedicated clicks app that promises to introduce new functionality to the keyboard through future updates. This commitment to ongoing development signifies that the accessory is not only an innovative input method but also a platform for evolving features catering to the needs of users.

Customization and Personalization

Available in stylish color options such as BumbleBee (black and yellow) and London Sky (gray), the clicks Keyboard Case offers a level of customization that aligns with individual preferences and personal style. With a promise of additional colors in the future, users can look forward to further personalizing their typing experience.

Experienced Hands Behind the Innovation

The collaborative efforts of industry veterans, including [insert names], bring an abundance of experience and expertise in utilizing physical keyboards on smartphones. Leveraging their deep understanding of the nuances of tactile input, these individuals have played a pivotal role in shaping an accessory that resonates with the nostalgia of the BlackBerry era while embracing the advancements in smartphone technology.

Celebrating the Return of Tactile Typing

The resurgence of a full physical keyboard for the iPhone, as embodied by the clicks Keyboard Case, signifies a return to the cherished tactile typing experience while embracing the modern advancements in smartphone design and functionality. With its impending launch, this accessory holds promise for those who yearn for a familiar and efficient text input method.

Embracing Innovation at CES

As anticipation builds for its release, the Clicks Keyboard Case is set to be unveiled at CES, offering attendees the opportunity to experience firsthand the amalgamation of tactile nostalgia and contemporary innovation. This presents an exciting prospect for enthusiasts and industry insiders eager to explore the evolution of smartphone accessories.


In conclusion, the clicks Keyboard Case presents a compelling solution for iPhone users who seek to recapture the tactile typing experience synonymous with iconic devices from the past. With its thoughtful design, seamless integration, and commitment to ongoing enhancements, this accessory stands poised to make a significant impact on the smartphone accessory market, ushering in a new era of tactility in the world of touchscreen devices.

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