Windows 11 vs macOS in 2024 will be a mess, so I'm learning Linux

Windows 11 vs macOS in 2024 will be a mess, so I’m learning Linux

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Windows 11 vs macOS in 2024: Is it Time to Learn Linux?

As 2023 draws to a close, many are reflecting on the evolution of operating systems and considering the potential impact of upcoming releases. With Windows 11 and macOS Sonoma becoming increasingly similar and inundated with AI-like features that diminish user control, the prospect of learning Linux in 2024 may seem like an appealing alternative.

The Evolving Landscape of Operating Systems

The year 2023 witnessed the arrival of macOS Sonoma, offering modest yet underwhelming upgrades. Meanwhile, microsoft‘s Windows 11 continued to undergo transformations, hinting at the possibility of a rapid successor such as Windows 12 in 2024. This evolution has prompted individuals to contemplate alternative operating systems, with an increasing focus on Linux.

The Rise of “AI PCs”

Recent advancements in hardware and software integration have seen the proliferation of “AI PCs,” featuring Intel’s cutting-edge Meteor Lake chips equipped with Neural Processing Units (NPUs). This development is poised to introduce a wealth of AI-focused features that aim to enhance user experiences. However, these innovations have also raised concerns about relinquishing control over computing processes.

The Impact on User Control

While the integration of AI capabilities holds promise for streamlining tasks and enhancing productivity, it also presents a potential loss of user autonomy. As “AI PCs” begin to take on increasingly proactive roles in system management and decision-making, users may find themselves relegated to the role of passive recipients of automated services.

Windows 11 and macOS Sonoma: Converging Paths

Windows 11 and macOS Sonoma have demonstrated a convergence towards AI-driven functionalities, albeit at varying paces. The influx of AI widgets and features risk distancing users from the foundational understanding of their operating systems, potentially leading to a sense of disconnect from the underlying mechanics.

Embracing Linux: A Path to Empowerment

Amid the transition towards AI-dominated computing, the resonance of Linux as an open-source alternative has grown remarkably. Learning Linux in 2024 represents a proactive measure to familiarize oneself with the fundamentals, thereby empowering individuals to navigate the evolving landscape of technology with greater comprehension and control.

Unlocking the Potential of Linux

Embracing Linux offers the opportunity to delve into the realms of UNIX, which underpin both macOS and Windows. By gaining proficiency in Linux, users can broaden their technological capabilities, facilitate seamless file management, and expedite inter-device communication, enabling enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Paving the Way Forward

With the onset of 2024, the prospect of embarking on a journey to learn Linux has emerged as a compelling and proactive endeavor. By undertaking free courses at The Linux Foundation, individuals can initiate their exploration into the realm of Linux, setting the stage for an enriching and empowering experience.

A Collective Evolution

As the technological landscape continues to evolve, the collective pursuit of Linux proficiency in 2024 presents an opportunity for individuals to enhance their technological prowess and collectively shape the trajectory of Computing in the coming years.

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