‘Clicks’ adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone with shortcuts & backlighting

‘Clicks’ adds a physical keyboard to your iPhone with shortcuts & backlighting

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Adding a Physical Keyboard to Your iPhone: clicks Unveiled

The iPhone revolutionized the mobile industry by eliminating physical keyboards, but the tactile experience it offered continues to be missed by many users. Addressing this need, “clicks” is set to introduce a physical keyboard for iPhones, incorporating keyboard shortcuts and backlighting for an enhanced user experience.

Revolutionizing the Mobile User Experience

The iPhone’s advancement led to the widespread adoption of virtual keyboards, but the allure of tactile typing has remained. Anticipated to launch next month, clicks is designed as a physical keyboard accessory for the iPhone. Utilizing a case that directly connects to the device via Lightning or USB-C, clicks offers a seamless integration. Additionally, it foregoes the need for a separate battery, drawing power directly from the iPhone and enabling uninterrupted charging while in use.

Maximizing Efficiency and User Experience

clicks provides several key advantages. By eliminating the on-screen virtual keyboard in favor of a physical one, the accessory significantly increases the usable screen space, addressing a longstanding user pain point. Furthermore, it enhances typing precision and speed over time, offering a seamless and intuitive experience for iPhone users. clicks also integrates keyboard shortcuts across iOS and numerous applications, outlining its commitment to enhancing user efficiency.

Design and Functionality

At the core of clicks‘ design is its reliance on the iPhone’s power source, eliminating the need for a separate battery. Additionally, the backlight feature ensures optimal visibility in low-light conditions, while the one-piece design ensures a snug fit and compatibility with wireless charging and MagSafe functionality. The keyboard case will be available in three variants for different iPhone models, each priced at $139 and offered in eye-catching color options such as “BumbleBee” yellow and “London Sky” gray/blue.

The Faces Behind clicks

clicks Technology, the driving force behind this groundbreaking keyboard case, was co-founded by two esteemed veterans of the tech media industry, Michael Fisher (MrMobile) and Kevin Michaluk (Crackberry Kevin). Their expertise and vision have combined to create an innovative product poised to rejuvenate the iPhone user experience.


In summary, clicks represents an exciting development set to reignite the appeal of physical keyboards for iPhone users. With its seamless integration, focus on user experience, and innovative design, clicks is poised to carve a unique niche in the mobile accessory market. The forthcoming launch promises to offer iPhone users a compelling new way to interact with their devices, underscoring the continued significance of tactile input in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

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