The 6 ‘worst’ CES 2024 products revealed — from earbud duds to an AI shopping cart

The 6 ‘worst’ CES 2024 products revealed — from earbud duds to an AI shopping cart

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The 6 ‘Worst’ CES 2024 Products

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is renowned for showcasing cutting-edge technology and innovative products that have the potential to enhance our lives. However, amid the glittering array of advancements, there are products that raise concern due to their potential negative impacts on consumers, society, and the environment. This year, a panel of experts has singled out the ‘worst’ products at CES 2024, shedding light on the potential harm they may cause. Let’s delve into the six products that have been deemed the ‘Worst in Show’.

BMW’s Controversial Technologies

Automotive giant BMW has received criticism for its collaborations with amazon, particularly regarding the integration of amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, into their vehicles. The concerns raised revolve around potential privacy violations and the risk of the technology being exploited for nefarious purposes. Additionally, BMW’s augmented reality glasses, while promoted for their potential benefits, have also drawn criticism for their potential to contribute to distracted driving and the possibility of displaying intrusive advertisements.

Sennheiser’s Disposable Earbuds

Renowned audio electronics manufacturer Sennheiser showcased its latest generation of True Wireless ear headphones at CES 2024. Despite the brand’s reputation for durability, the new $300 earbuds have come under fire for their lack of longevity and repairability. Critics argue that the design of the earbuds, with multiple non-replaceable batteries, contributes to a mindset of disposability and wasteful consumption.

Instacart’s AI-Powered Shopping Cart

Online grocery platform Instacart presented its “AI-powered” shopping cart, equipped with cameras and sensors to provide real-time recommendations to shoppers. However, concerns have been raised regarding the cart’s use of historic shopping data to push specific products, potentially leading to unhealthy consumption habits. The intrusive nature of targeted advertising within a physical store environment has been questioned by consumer advocates.

Ecovacs’ Surveillance-Ready robot Vacuum

Chinese company Ecovacs debuted its X2 Combo robotic vacuum, which incorporates numerous surveillance capabilities, including cameras, microphones, and advanced object recognition features. The product has faced criticism for the potential invasion of consumer privacy, as well as the lack of robust security measures to safeguard the data collected by the device. The concerns regarding personal privacy and data security have underscored the need for greater transparency and safeguards in smart home technologies.

Revolution Cooking’s ‘Macrowave’

Revolution Cooking unveiled the ‘macrowave,’ a fusion appliance combining a microwave with a convection oven, at CES 2024. While the product boasts innovative features, it has drawn attention for its potential environmental repercussions. Critics argue that introducing complex electronic components to functional appliances significantly increases their environmental footprint, leading to unnecessary waste and resource depletion.

Addressing the Concerns

As the dust settles on CES 2024, the criticisms leveled at these ‘Worst in Show’ products provide valuable insights into the potential perils of unfettered technological advancement. It is paramount for companies to prioritize privacy, sustainability, and user well-being in their product development processes. Raising awareness about the impacts of technology and fostering open dialogue between manufacturers, consumers, and advocacy groups are essential steps toward creating a more responsible and ethical technological landscape.


CES serves as a crucible for innovation, where groundbreaking technologies are unveiled that have the power to shape our future. However, alongside the excitement of progress, it is crucial to scrutinize the potential downsides and mitigate the risks associated with new products. By identifying and addressing the ‘worst’ products showcased at CES 2024, we take a step toward fostering a technology-driven future that is conscious of its impact and focused on creating positive change.

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