Ranked: The 25 Safest Airlines In The World, According To AirlineRatings.com

Ranked: The 25 Safest Airlines In The World, According To AirlineRatings.com

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Ranked: The 25 Safest Airlines In The World, According To AirlineRatings.com

Travelers are always concerned about safety when flying. As the new year begins, it’s essential to know which Airlines are the safest to travel with. AirlineRatings.com, a renowned airline safety and product rating review site, has released its latest ranking of the 25 safest Airlines in the world for 2024.

The Evaluation Process

AirlineRatings.com employs a unique seven-star rating system to assess the safety and in-flight product of 385 Airlines. The site’s evaluation encompasses a wide range of factors, including serious incidents, recent fatal accidents, aviation audits, safety initiatives, pilot training, and fleet age.

However, the assessment excludes factors beyond the Airlines‘ control, such as bird strikes, turbulence injuries, weather diversions, and lightning strikes. This comprehensive evaluation ensures a thorough and accurate ranking of the safest Airlines.

Top-Ranked Airlines

Securing the top position for 2024 is Air New Zealand, setting a new safety benchmark in the airline industry. The airline’s exceptional safety record and operational excellence have earned it the top spot for the second consecutive year. Air New Zealand’s ability to navigate challenging weather environments has contributed significantly to its ranking.

Following closely in second place is Qantas, with mere 1.5 points dividing it from Air New Zealand. Despite its high safety standards, Qantas experienced a slight decline in ranking due to fleet age, an issue that the airline plans to address with the arrival of new aircraft in 2024.

U.S. Carrier Rankings

While international carriers dominate the top positions, Alaska Airlines represents the sole U.S. carrier in the top 10, coming in at number 10. However, other U.S. carriers have experienced changes in their rankings. Hawaiian Airlines dropped to number 21, American Airlines to number 22, and United Airlines to number 25.

The rankings of U.S. carriers are influenced by the age of their fleets, although they have significant replacement programs in place, suggesting potential improvements in future rankings. It’s notable that the rankings take into account incidents and fleet age, underscoring the rigor of the evaluation process.

Focusing on Low-Cost Carriers

Jetstar, an Australian airline owned by Qantas, emerged as the top-ranking low-cost carrier worldwide. In the U.S., Frontier secured the leading position, surpassing Other notable low-cost carriers such as Southwest, Sun Country, Spirit, and JetBlue.


AirlineRatings.com’s comprehensive assessment of safety and in-flight products offers valuable insights for travelers seeking the safest Airlines. This list serves as a guide for individuals planning their next journey, ensuring that they prioritize safety when choosing an airline. Through rigorous evaluation, AirlineRatings.com continues to highlight the Airlines that maintain the highest safety standards, facilitating informed travel decisions.

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