LG Reveals 2024 OLED TV Range

LG Reveals 2024 OLED TV Range

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lg Reveals 2024 OLED TV Range: A Bright Step Forward

LG’s annual OLED TV range announcement never fails to captivate AV enthusiasts, and the 2024 reveal has come early this year, just ahead of the 2024 CES in Las Vegas, promising brighter, more extensive models, and improved picture quality.

The G4 Range: Elevating Picture Quality

LG’s new G4 series is set to build on the Brightness Booster Max technology introduced on last year’s G3 range with a powerful new processor, Alpha 11 AI. This cutting-edge chip promises significant enhancements in AI performance, graphics, and general processing, revolutionizing the picture quality across all sources.

Moreover, LG’s AI Picture Pro deep learning-powered image enhancement system is receiving a boost with the introduction of Object Enhancing By Visual Perception and AI Director Processing, offering a new dimension of visual immersion that is bound to excite AV purists and cinephiles alike.

The Alpha 11 processor also introduces new elements to the G4’s AI Sound Pro system, including a virtual 11.1.2-channel upmixer and a Voice Remastering system, providing an enriched audio experience for viewers.

The M4 Range: Advancing Connectivity and Design

The flagship OLED TVs for 2024, LG’s M4 models, are elevating the viewing experience with the latest Alpha 11 AI processor, boasting improved Brightness Booster Max technology, and introducing a cutting-edge 4-screen multi-view system.

Noteworthy improvements include the Zero Connect system, wireless 4K/144Hz HDR transmission without compression, and One Wall Designs, making the M4 range the epitome of modern connectivity and minimalist Design.

The C4 Range: Striking a Balance

The C4 range, while not benefiting from full Brightness Booster Max technology, presents a balanced combination of Alpha 9 processor and LG ‘evo’ panels that provide enhanced brightness. It offers 144Hz gaming, far-field voice control, and an ultra-slim Design, making it a versatile option for consumers.

While the C4 series forgoes some Features of the G4 and M4, such as the 5-year warranty and 4-screen multi-view, it ensures a well-rounded viewing experience across multiple screen sizes.

The B4 Series: Entry-level Excellence

Completing lg’s OLED offerings for 2024, the B4 series provides a compelling entry-level option, with screen sizes ranging from 48 to 77 inches. Despite stepping down in brightness, this series retains the acclaimed Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support, ensuring a high-quality viewing experience for consumers looking for affordable options.

With launch date and pricing information yet to be revealed, the anticipation for lg’s 2024 OLED range is palpable, and enthusiasts can expect further updates as the unveiling approaches.

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