Your Windows 10 PC faces being scrapped next year unless you pay new Microsoft fee

Your Windows 10 PC faces being scrapped next year unless you pay new Microsoft fee

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Your Windows 10 PC faces being scrapped next year unless you pay new microsoft fee

Windows 10, the most-used operating system globally, will no longer receive support from microsoft after next year.

The Impending Windows 10 End-of-Life

Once the support ends, users can no longer expect updates, refreshed Features, or vital security updates to safeguard their devices from cyber attacks and glitches.

The Impact on PCs

Experts at research firm Canalys Insights have estimated that around 240 million PCs could become e-waste due to their incompatibility with the latest Windows 11 upgrade.

These older devices lack the necessary capacity to install Windows 11, which requires fairly new Hardware to run.

The Concern for the Environment

This impending transition raises significant environmental concerns, as the majority of these 240 million PCs may ultimately end up in landfills, contributing to e-waste.

The Solution – Extended Security Updates (ESU)

Despite this alarming situation, microsoft has announced the Extended Security Updates (ESU) program, allowing users to continue using Windows 10 past the end-of-support date.

However, this benefit doesn’t come free of charge, as microsoft will require a monthly fee for participation in the ESU program.

Considerations for Users

Users who find themselves affected by this impending transition must consider the options available to them, including the decision to continue using Windows 10 in a safe manner beyond the end-of-support date through the ESU program.

It’s crucial for users to weigh the costs and benefits associated with this security measure and determine the best course of Action for their devices.

System Requirements for Windows 11

For users contemplating the transition to Windows 11, it’s imperative to ensure that their devices meet the necessary specifications for this upgrade.

The good news is that Microsoft has provided a comprehensive list of system requirements, including the processor, RAM, storage, graphics card, and TPM necessary to run Windows 11.

These specifications serve as a helpful guide for users evaluating the feasibility of upgrading to Windows 11 with their current devices.


In conclusion, the impending end of support for Windows 10 and the transition to Windows 11 present significant challenges for users and the Environment, emphasizing the importance of informed decision-making and consideration of available options.

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