60 Years Of Doctor Who Adventure; Four New RPG Books

60 Years Of Doctor Who Adventure; Four New RPG Books

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60 Years Of Doctor Who Adventure: Four New RPG Books

Doctor Who, the iconic British science fiction show, celebrates 60 years of adventure this year. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Cubicle 7 has released four new RPG books that delve deep into the history and lore of the beloved series.

A Legacy of Time and Space

First aired on November 23rd, 1963, on the BBC, Doctor Who began as a Saturday afternoon adventure serial for children. Over the years, it has evolved into a cultural phenomenon, captivating generations of fans and transcending boundaries of age and time.

The newest Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, has made his mark with a Christmas Special titled “The Church on Ruby Road,” receiving rave reviews from fans and critics alike. Additionally, to coincide with the 60th anniversary, Cubicle 7 has released four new books for the latest edition of the Doctor Who RPG, enabling fans to immerse themselves further in the series’ expansive universe.

Sixty Years of Adventure Book One

Covering six decades of the show’s storied history, Cubicle 7 has dedicated two books to this feat for the Second Edition. Fans can delve into the individual Doctor’s stories, with detailed sourcebooks capturing the essence of each Doctor’s unique era.

The focus of Book One lies on the “classic” era of Doctor Who, spanning from the First Doctor in 1963 to the Eighth Doctor in 1996. Each section provides in-depth summaries of the Doctor’s adventures, game info for companions, allies, and adversaries, culminating in short adventures featuring the highlighted Doctor’s themes.

Sixty Years of Adventure Book Two

For fans of the “modern” era, Book Two covers the Ninth Doctor’s era in 2005 through the Thirteenth and Fugitive Doctor’s tenure. It seamlessly connects all the adventures of each Doctor, offering the prospect of sessions where multiple Doctors unite to safeguard the fabric of time and space.

While it may seem that such information is readily available on fan wikis, the books’ professional touch and comprehensive game statistics make them invaluable resources for both players and game masters. They serve as a wellspring of inspiration, fueling new stories for game sessions and encouraging deeper engagement with the show’s episodes.

Adventures in Space

As a quintessential science fiction show, Doctor Who explores the vastness of space with its myriad of alien worlds, spaceships, and futuristic technologies. The RPG book “Adventures in Space” brings these elements to the forefront, providing game masters and players with tools to craft exhilarating space-centric narratives.

Featuring rules on building spacecraft and alien worlds, the book sheds light on episodes that delve into the cosmos, weaving them into a compelling story where the Doctor and companions become embroiled in a classic mystery on a new planet. It evokes the timeless allure of the show’s ability to adapt and tell diverse stories while retaining its singular charm.

Secrets of Scaravore

While Doctor Who’s structure follows shorter series over traditional seasons, “Secrets of Scaravore” emulates this episodic storytelling format with four standalone adventures designed to unfold over multiple sessions. Set the backdrop of the enigmatic Scaravore, an ancient being holding a secret powerful enough to reshape time and space, the Doctor and companions embark on a thrilling journey through various time periods and locations.

Cubicle 7 offers “Secrets of Scaravore” directly and at Friendly Local Game Shops, making it accessible to fans eager to immerse themselves in the Doctor Who RPG universe.


As Doctor Who marks 60 years of captivating audiences, Cubicle 7’s new RPG books offer fans the chance to delve deeper into the show’s rich tapestry of characters, adventures, and worlds. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for storytelling, these books are an indispensable addition to any Doctor Who enthusiast’s collection, providing endless inspiration for captivating role-playing experiences.

Ultimately, the enduring legacy of Doctor Who continues to inspire and enthrall, transcending time and space to unite fans in celebrating its extraordinary journey. With the release of these new RPG books, the adventures of the Doctor and companions are set to unfold in ever more thrilling and imaginative ways, ensuring the show’s legacy endures for generations to come.

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