Inside Carl F. Bucherer’s New and More Refined Approach to Watchmaking

Inside Carl F. Bucherer’s New and More Refined Approach to Watchmaking

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carl f. bucherer’s Refinement in Watchmaking

carl f. bucherer (CFB) marks its monumental 135th anniversary with a refined approach to watchmaking.

Legacy and Innovation

The brand’s heritage harmoniously blends with modern technologies, elevating materials and movements.

Exploring Time

The brand’s “exploring time” concept unveils a refined catalog, focusing on Manero, Patravi, and Heritage families.

Aesthetic Evolution

Emphasizing a vibrant color palette, CFB embraces new Design language and materials, pushing boundaries.

Manero Collection

The Manero Peripheral Perpetual Calendar showcases CFB’s technical prowess and colorful Design codes.

Manero Tourbillon DoublePeripheral “Green Paradise”

With rainbow hour markers and a stunning green strap, CFB showcases colorplay in this exquisite timepiece.

Manero Minute Repeater in Titanium

CFB’s deft work with materials and depth is evident in the elegant Manero Minute Repeater in Titanium.

Patravi and Heritage Families

The Patravi ScubaTec Verde embodies functionality and style, while the Heritage collection offers modern interpretations of iconic timepieces.

Future Directions

CFB’s continued evolution promises to honor Swiss watchmaking traditions while embracing new trends and technologies.


As CFB embarks on a new frontier in watchmaking, the harmonious blend of tradition and innovation sets a new standard in the industry.

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