Xgimi Horizon Ultra review

Xgimi Horizon Ultra review

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Xgimi Horizon Ultra: A Comprehensive review

The Xgimi Horizon Ultra is a feature-packed projector that promises a vivid and immersive visual experience. Priced at $1,699, it boasts a 3,840 x 2,160 resolution and a screen size range of 40-200 inches, making it an attractive option for home Entertainment enthusiasts. Let’s delve into the details and explore the pros and cons of this projector.

Design and Build

Measuring 8.8 x 6.7 x 10.4 inches and weighing 11.5 lbs, the Horizon Ultra flaunts a sleek Design with a mix of white panels and a sandy metal finish. The faux leather on the top and sides adds a touch of elegance. The motorized lens cover enhances the overall aesthetic appeal. However, the absence of adjustable legs for angle modification may pose a challenge while positioning the projector.


The Horizon Ultra projects bright and colorful visuals, making it ideal for vibrant content. The combination of LED and laser projection, along with Dolby Vision support, promises an exciting viewing experience. However, the projector struggles with dark scenes, exhibiting poor contrast and HDR processing issues, leading to loss of detail and color banding.

Display and Capability

With HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision, the projector offers a range of capabilities for high dynamic range content. While it excels in showcasing bright visuals, it falls short in rendering shadow details effectively. In addition, the measured brightness of 1295.5 ANSI lumens, although good, slightly underperforms compared to the rated 2300 ISO lumens.

Audio and Gaming

The Horizon Ultra boasts dual 12W speakers with DTS Virtual X and Harman Kardon Original sound effect modes. While the speakers deliver ample volume, the Audio quality may suffer at higher levels. Its gaming mode offers lower latency for a seamless gaming experience, although the projector’s computational power may not fully meet the demands of modern gaming.

Software and Usability

Running on Android TV 11.0, the projector provides access to a wide range of streaming and entertainment apps. However, the processing power and responsiveness of the system may exhibit occasional delays and lags. The menu structure is complex, with settings spread across multiple layers, making it challenging to navigate and customize picture settings.

Verdict and Alternatives

While the Xgimi Horizon Ultra offers impressive specifications, its performance in handling dark scenes and HDR content may leave users wanting more. Priced at $1,699, it faces stiff competition from alternatives such as the Horizon Pro, which offers comparable performance at a lower price point. Furthermore, the JMGO N1 Ultra is a compelling alternative with superior picture quality and flexibility in a similar price range.

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