What’s Ahead For Quantum Security In 2024?

What’s Ahead For Quantum Security In 2024?

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What’s Ahead For Quantum Security In 2024?

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The Acceleration of Quantum Computing

While the promise of quantum Computing remains somewhat theoretical, the past year has seen a quickening pace of tangible applications, from metro quantum-network testbeds to industry experimentation with quantum security.

In 2024, look for these five trends and how they may influence your quantum adoption.

Intensified Cyber Attacks

We expect the rate and severity of cybercriminal attacks to intensify in 2024, as advances in quantum computing provide new opportunities for malicious activities.

Unfortunately, most victims will carry on in blissful ignorance, believing they have time before a cryptographically relevant quantum computer can break their encryption.

What can you do? Familiarize yourself with quantum-secure options like QKD (quantum key distribution) as a multi-faceted Security strategy that will protect your encrypted data even if it is stolen.

Managing Quantum Noise

A sticky wicket that’s been restricting the progress of quantum computing is the concept of “noise.” In 2024, significant progress should be made to mitigate quantum noise.

Using AI and other machine learning technologies, researchers should be able to speed up error-correcting, which will, in turn, drive faster development of commercial quantum applications.

What can you do? More effective noise management will stabilize quantum communications, enabling them to run for longer durations and over distances without errors. Consider distributed quantum networks and how they may benefit your organization.

Enhancing Quantum Key Distribution

QKD applications to date have mostly relied on the concept of trusted nodes, but Device-Independent Quantum Key Distribution (DIQKD) offers a cryptographic protocol that ensures the security of QKD without relying on those trusted devices.

What can you do? Take early adopter advantage by adding DIQKD to your comprehensive defensive Security to see benefits from quantum-level protection.

Consolidation and Standardization

Uncertainty over quantum-computer design has restricted both the industry’s overall development and focus on research and investment. In 2024, we should begin to see consolidation in modalities as researchers and investors look to narrow the focus on the technologies most likely to scale effectively.

What can you do? Maintain a watchful eye over the industry leaders to spy movements that should trigger a new wave of investment and research.

The Future of Quantum Security

In 2024, we are poised for major advances that will no doubt lay the foundation for the future of quantum security.

Everyone involved in Security—from the government to academics, from high tech to financial services—should be gearing up to learn as much as they can about quantum threats and the innovative quantum solutions making their way to the fore.

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