What we want to see from PC gaming tech in 2024

What we want to see from PC gaming tech in 2024

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What we want to see from PC Gaming tech in 2024

The past 12 months might not have been the most inspiring, but there’s hope for better in the year ahead. Let’s delve into our wishlist for PC Gaming technology in 2024.

Year 2023: Lack of Innovation

2023 was largely uninspiring in terms of innovation, with the majority of Hardware releases being iterations on existing technology. While some good tech was released, there was a lack of groundbreaking advancements.

Attainable and Innovative Tech

In 2024, we want to see tech that’s not only attainable but also pushes the boundaries of innovation in PC Gaming gear. Will multi compute die chiplet GPUs finally make an appearance? Can we expect silicon photonics to reach a realistic release window?

The release of graphics cards with review scores above 90% is also on our wishlist. Additionally, the hope for Gaming laptops to support gameplay away from a plug socket remains strong within the Gaming community.

graphics Cards and Innovation

Normalizing the prices of graphics cards is a significant desire for the Gaming community. Will Nvidia’s upcoming Super series of RTX 40 GPUs bring a change in this aspect? On the other hand, rumors suggest that AMD may prioritize value for money over high-end variants with its next-gen RDNA 4 GPUs.

Wild and Wacky peripherals

The PC Hardware space has become safe and sensible, lacking wild and wacky designs. The desire for peripherals to receive the wild and wacky treatment, with an honest attempt to shake up the space, is prevalent. These innovations should be both unconventional and affordable.

Integration of AI in Hardware

The integration of AI in hardware to enhance performance and optimize power consumption is a significant wish within the gaming community. The expectation is for AI to predict usage and adjust performance accordingly, aiming for greater energy efficiency.

AI in Gaming: Enhancements and Realism

Leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance in-game visuals and achieve photorealistic effects is a top desire. The quest for AI-generated enhancements to game characters and environments, resembling live TV footage, reflects the community’s longing for greater realism in gameplay experiences.

The potential for AI to act as a dungeon master, enabling natural language interactions within game worlds, is a vision for more immersive and interactive gaming environments. This desire transcends traditional game writing and aims to deepen the player’s engagement with non-playable characters.

Stability in PC Game Launches

Stability in PC game launches is a core expectation from the gaming community. The desire for Games to be stable at launch, or at least mostly stable, stems from recent experiences with titles exhibiting performance issues, bugs, and demands on hardware.

While some Games have delivered exceptional performance at launch, others have faltered, causing frustration among players. The wish for consistently stable game launches is a key aspiration for the gaming community in 2024.


As we look ahead to 2024, the PC Gaming community holds high hopes for technological advancements that redefine the Gaming experience. With desires ranging from attainable innovation to stable game launches, the wishlist for PC Gaming tech in 2024 reflects the collective aspirations of gamers worldwide.

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