Urbanista integrates Powerfoyle tech with solar-powered headphones

Urbanista integrates Powerfoyle tech with solar-powered headphones

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Urbanista Integrates Powerfoyle Tech with Solar-Powered Headphones

The subject of solar-powered tech has often raised skepticism among consumers. However, the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings exciting news that could potentially change these perceptions. Exeger, a Swedish startup, is set to unveil new partnerships integrating its Powerfoyle flexible solar cell technology into various products.

The Partnerships

Among the first to collaborate with Exeger on this innovative venture is the renowned headphone brand Urbanista. The company has made waves by announcing the launch of a pair of headphones that are powered by the Powerfoyle technology. The Urbanista Los Angeles, an over-ear model, claims to offer “virtually infinite playtime.” Additionally, the latest version of its Phoenix Earbuds debuts with the same technology in their charging case.

The urbanista Los Angeles

The Los Angeles model boasts an impressive rated playback time of 60 hours, establishing itself as a standout product in the market. Integrated directly into the Headphones‘ band, the Powerfoyle cell enables the system to charge both indoors and outdoors during use. When the battery eventually depletes, it can easily be recharged via USB-C.

Key Features and Sustainability

The second-generation Los Angeles product is crafted from recycled plastic and Features built-in on-ear detection. Additionally, it offers adaptive noise cancellation and transparency through the onboard microphones. These Features, combined with the sustainable Features of the headphones, position them as an attractive option for environmentally conscious consumers.

The Phoenix Earbuds

The Phoenix Earbuds are equipped with Powerfoyle integration in their charging case. With the buds themselves providing eight hours of playtime on a single charge, they surpass many of their competitors. When factoring in the case, the total playtime extends to an impressive 40 hours. This places the Urbanista Phoenix Earbuds in a strong position within the market.

3M’s exeger Partnership

In parallel to Urbanista’s collaboration, global conglomerate 3M has also announced its own partnership with exeger. The company’s new Peltor brand headset will feature a Powerfoyle cell incorporated into its headband. This collaboration further demonstrates the potential and versatility of Powerfoyle technology in enhancing various products across industries.

The Future of solar-Powered Technology

The integration of Powerfoyle technology into Urbanista’s headphones and 3M’s headset exemplifies the growing potential within the realm of solar-powered tech. These partnerships have the promise of reshaping consumer perceptions and expectations regarding the viability and reliability of sustainable gadgets, ultimately propelling the industry towards a greener and more eco-friendly future.

Source: techcrunch

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