Ultion Nuki Plus smart lock review: the best UK smart lock just got better

Ultion Nuki Plus smart lock review: the best UK smart lock just got better

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Ultion Nuki Plus: The Best UK Smart Lock Just Got Better

The Ultion Nuki Plus, the upgraded version of one of the UK’s favorite smart locks, takes Home Security to new heights. For those seeking a premium, high-Security device with added convenience, this smart lock delivers exceptional Features that address the shortcomings of its predecessor.

Enhanced Security and Functionality

The Ultion Nuki Plus is built upon the collaboration between secure lockmaker Ultion and the smart lock innovator Nuki. This collaboration has resulted in a more secure and feature-packed smart lock that surpasses the basic Ultion Nuki model.

One of the most significant improvements is the inclusion of Wi-Fi connectivity, eliminating the need for an additional Nuki bridge and allowing seamless remote access without the limitations of Bluetooth range. Setting up the Wi-Fi connection and geofencing through the user-friendly Nuki app is a straightforward process, enhancing accessibility and control.

The addition of a rechargeable battery pack not only contributes to Sustainability but also provides a convenient and cost-effective power solution. The lock’s compatibility with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth grants users peace of mind and flexibility in managing their Home Security.

Design and Convenience

The Ultion Nuki Plus boasts a sleek and purposeful Design, featuring a square base housing the rechargeable battery pack, a box-like main body, and a round lock turn with a central button. Notably, the new brushed aluminium dial and barrel enhance the lock’s aesthetic appeal.

Measuring at 300 x 60 x 60mm, this smart lock is discreetly designed to seamlessly integrate into your Home‘s exterior, while its operational noise, although audible, serves as a clear indicator of the lock’s status to outsiders.

Furthermore, the inclusion of the Ultion Three-star Plus lock cylinder signifies a substantial upgrade in Security, offering users a robust and reliable solution to safeguard their Homes.

Performance and Reliability

During our comprehensive testing, the Ultion Nuki Plus showcased outstanding performance, effectively addressing previous issues associated with the standard model. It excelled in automatic unlocking and locking, offering peace of mind to users while effortlessly integrating with Other Home automation devices.

With a focus on reliability and user experience, the Ultion Nuki Plus streamlines Security measures, making it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a dependable and innovative smart lock solution.

Integration and Compatibility

Notably, the Ultion Nuki Plus aligns seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, offering users an added layer of control and automation within their existing smart Home ecosystem. Its seamless integration with Other devices further underscores its adaptability and functionality.

Additionally, the optional keypad accessory enables users to assign passcodes for guests, while the compatibility with ring doorbell cameras further enhances the overall Security ecosystem, positioning the Ultion Nuki Plus as a comprehensive and versatile solution for modern Homes.

Pros and Cons


  • Advanced Security Features, including a rechargeable battery pack
  • Seamless integration with Wi-Fi and Apple HomeKit
  • Optional keypad accessory for guest access
  • Robust build and aesthetic Design
  • Enhanced performance and reliability


  • Higher price point compared to the basic Ultion Nuki model
  • Operational noise might be noticeable to outsiders
  • Some configuration limitations with certain smart Home platforms


In conclusion, the Ultion Nuki Plus stands as a beacon of modern Home Security Innovation, offering an unparalleled blend of Security, convenience, and reliability. With its advanced Features and seamless integration, it has set a new standard for smart locks in the UK market.

While it may come at a premium price, the peace of mind and enhanced functionality it provides make it a worthy investment for homeowners who prioritize the Security and convenience of their living spaces.

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