Streaming wish list for 2024: Our 7 resolutions for Netflix, Disney Plus and more

Streaming wish list for 2024: Our 7 resolutions for Netflix, Disney Plus and more

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streaming Wish List for 2024: Our 7 Resolutions for netflix, Disney Plus and More

Making New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition. Personal resolutions typically revolve around diet, fitness, finances, and Education. But we’re here to suggest resolutions for the streaming Entertainment industry. Our streaming wishlist for 2024 covers netflix, Disney Plus, and Other top streaming services.

Consolidation and Merger

The town simply is big enough for all of them. The streaming industry needs consolidation, and the most likely candidates are Paramount Plus and Peacock. A merger between Paramount and Peacock could pave the way for a super streaming service, giving consumers more reasons to sign up and enjoy the content they love.

For a while now, the model for streaming TV has been for studios to create their own streaming services and then stockpile content to encourage people to sign up for those streaming services. However, 2024 should mark a shift towards licensing content to a wider range of streaming services, benefiting both consumers and studios.

streaming Quality Upgrades

One of the biggest annoyances about streaming services is the fact that you have to upgrade to more expensive plans to gain 4K streaming. Most services have 1080p as the base streaming option, and it’s time for them to ensure 4K as the base resolution. This upgrade would align with the advancement in TV technology and consumer expectations.

Improved Content Lineup

Marvel and Star Wars have some noteworthy TV shows lined up for 2024. While fans anticipate these releases, the streaming industry needs to focus on delivering quality content. The franchises need to break out of a rut and produce compelling shows to maintain strong viewer engagement and loyalty.

Optimizing User Experience

The “Continue Watching” section on most streaming services frustrates users with its lingering content. In 2024, technology should enable users to delete a show from “Continue Watching” with minimal effort. Additionally, this section should be placed higher up on streaming interfaces to improve user experience and ease of navigation.

technology needs to facilitate easy deletion of content from the “Continue Watching” section, offering a seamless user experience. The placement of this section on streaming interfaces is crucial for user convenience and should be optimized for quick access.

Enhanced Cross-Licensing

Licensing content to multiple streaming platforms can benefit both consumers and studios, providing a wider reach for compelling content and supporting the creation of more engaging TV shows. While studios may have specific strategies for content distribution, cross-licensing can diversify the streaming landscape and create new opportunities for content creators.

Increased Accessibility

streaming services need to enhance accessibility for users with diverse needs. Incorporating Features such as Audio descriptions, subtitles, and customizable display options can make streaming content more inclusive and enjoyable for a broader audience. Embracing accessibility can improve user engagement and satisfaction with the streaming experience.


As we look forward to 2024, streaming services have the opportunity to elevate the user experience, deliver compelling content, and streamline their offerings. By embracing consolidation, enhancing content quality, and optimizing user experience, streaming platforms can set the stage for a dynamic and engaging year ahead.

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