The 20 most-read stories of 2023

The 20 most-read stories of 2023

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The 20 Most-Read Stories of 2023

Every year has its memorable moments. Some are personal milestones, while others are significant events that impact us all. In 2023, rapid technological advances and surprising developments made it a year to remember. This article presents the 20 most-read stories that resonated with our readers throughout the year.

20. The Ars Guide to Time Travel in the Movies

Time travel has been a compelling plot device in movies, sparking both entertainment and scientific discussions. As our science reporter Jennifer Oullette explored this topic in great detail, she unraveled the best combination of scientific rigor and entertainment in popular time-travel films, such as Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, 12 Monkeys, and Hot Tub Time Machine.

19. The IBM Mainframe: How it Runs and Why it Survives

Although considered relics of a bygone era, over 10,000 mainframe computers are still in use today, primarily by Fortune 500 companies and predominantly by IBM. Learn about the enduring relevance of mainframes in certain high-volume use cases, especially in the banking sector.

18. macOS 14 Sonoma: The Ars Technica Review

The review of macOS 14 Sonoma, while not featuring major new features, still garnered attention and a place on our list. Delve into Andrew Cunningham’s comprehensive review to understand how Sonoma continues the tradition of annual OS updates, even amidst UI changes and hardware obsolescence.

17. Android App from China Executed 0-Day Exploit on Millions of Devices

A shocking revelation involving a third-party app, Pinduoduo, highlighted security vulnerabilities in millions of devices. The malicious app executed a 0-day exploit, leading to concerns about privacy data theft and evading privacy compliance regulations. Discover how this incident impacted users of third-party app stores.

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Reflecting on Memorable Stories

2023 has been a year defined by unexpected technological advancements and intriguing developments in various domains. From the exploration of time travel in film to the enduring presence of IBM mainframes and the impact of mobile app security vulnerabilities, our coverage has resonated with our readers, offering insights and perspectives that captivated their interest.


As we reflect on the 20 most-read stories of 2023, we recognize the diverse array of topics that captivated our readers’ attention. From scientific explorations to technological revelations, our coverage has sought to provide engaging and informative content, resonating with a wide audience that seeks to understand and contextualize the rapid changes in the world around us.

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