Tech expert warns 2024 will see 'explosion of AI-powered cybercrime'- and 27 US government agencies are currently using these systems in place of human

Tech expert warns 2024 will see ‘explosion of AI-powered cybercrime’- and 27 US government agencies are currently using these systems in place of human

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Tech Expert Shawn Henry Warns of 2024 Cybercrime Explosion

The year 2024 has been forecast as a pivotal time for the exponential growth of AI-powered cybercrime by Shawn Henry, the chief security officer for CrowdStrike. Henry expressed concerns about the increasing power of AI tools, which could potentially elevate amateurs to professionals and make professionals even more dangerous.

AI Integration in US Government

Currently, 27 federal departments in the United States have adopted AI in various capacities. Moreover, a significant number of state agencies are utilizing AI to handle routine tasks, demonstrating a widespread integration of this technology within governmental institutions.

Amplified Cyber Threats

Henry’s warning comes at a time when the landscape of cyber threats is evolving, with cybercriminals employing AI to breach cybersecurity defenses, disseminate misinformation, and infiltrate corporate networks. With AI becoming more potent, cybercriminals have emerged with advanced tools to bypass security measures and deceive the public.

Government AI Deployments

Various governmental bodies have embraced AI applications for diverse functions. For instance, agencies in Texas, Ohio, and Utah are utilizing AI for tasks such as providing information on unemployment benefits and predicting fraud in unemployment insurance claims.

Impact on Public Services

AI‘s integration in government and public services has introduced concerns regarding potential biases, loss of control over the technology, and privacy breaches. Henry reiterated these apprehensions, emphasizing the extensive capabilities AI has granted to average individuals, escalating their potential impact significantly.

Threat of Misinformation

A concerning aspect highlighted by Henry is the creation of AI-generated audio and video that are remarkably convincing, potentially resulting in individuals erroneously believing falsified content. There is also the potential exploitation of AI-generated content by foreign governments to disseminate misinformation, thereby posing a threat to democratic institutions.

Deepfake Challenges

The emergence of deepfake videos, capable of creating authentic-looking replicas of public figures and politicians, presents a significant challenge. This scenario emphasizes the importance of scrutinizing information from unfamiliar sources on the Internet, as it could be an attempt to mislead or pilfer personal data.

State-Level AI Deployments

It is notable that a third of state agencies in Texas utilized AI in 2022, indicating a substantial reliance on this technology. Additionally, various US federal departments, including the Department of Education and Department of Commerce, have implemented AI in carrying out diverse operations and functions.

Ethical and Legal Challenges

Despite the rapid integration of AI in government and public services, numerous ethical and legal considerations require meticulous attention. The responsibility of government agencies to uphold high standards in terms of trust, safety, morality, and fairness further complicates the deployment of AI technologies.

Growth Amidst Challenges

Despite the challenges and concerns, there is a strong inclination of government agencies towards harnessing the potential of AI while navigating through the complexities of legal and ethical considerations. The integration of AI into public services is quickly gaining momentum, representing a significant advancement.


The proliferation of AI in government agencies, coupled with the imminent threat of AI-powered cybercrime, demands a comprehensive approach towards security measures, ethical guidelines, and legislative frameworks to balance the potential benefits and risks associated with AI technology.

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