TCL's New Tablets and Phones Feature Paper Displays

TCL’s New Tablets and Phones Feature Paper Displays

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TCL’s New Tablets and Phones feature Paper Displays

Introducing nxtpaper 3.0 Display Technology

At its CES press conference, TCL proudly showcased its Nxtpaper 3.0 display technology. This innovative display aims to provide a wellness-focused experience by resembling the look and feel of paper, rather than a traditional screen.

The nxtpaper technology was developed in response to the widespread issue of eye strain and fatigue caused by prolonged screen exposure. TCL emphasized that a significant 70% of individuals spend over five hours per day viewing screens, highlighting the urgent need for a more eye-friendly display solution.

The Functionality of nxtpaper Technology

Nxtpaper technology utilizes a combination of advanced Hardware and software to create a screen that is gentle on the eyes. The Hardware elements include multiple layers stacked over the LCD display, effectively reducing blue light by up to 61%.

Further enhancing the user experience, a paper-like layer is incorporated to minimize glare, reflections, and fingerprints even in bright environments. Stefan Streit, Chief Marketing Officer of TCL Mobile, demonstrated the display’s exceptional quality during the brightly-lit press conference, confirming the absence of any reflection or glare.

Prioritizing Eye Health

TCL’s Nxtpaper technology prioritizes the user’s eye Health by offering a panel that closely mimics natural paper and encouraging a healthier screen usage experience. Users will receive regular healthcare reminders, promoting a healthy approach to screen time.

TCL’s New Paper Tech devices

TCL has introduced its innovative paper technology in the Nxtpaper 14 Pro tablet, featuring a remarkable 2.8K resolution and a rapid 240Hz refresh rate. Additionally, the 14 Pro includes a convenient feature where a press of a button instantly transitions the device into an e-reader, enhancing both accessibility and usability.

Furthermore, TCL has integrated the new paper technology into the Tab 10 5g tablet and the TCL 50 phone series, comprising the 50 XL and 50 XE. These devices are equipped to provide users with an eye-friendly and refreshing viewing experience, setting a new standard for wellness-focused technology.


TCL’s mesmerizing nxtpaper 3.0 display technology represents a significant leap towards promoting healthier screen usage. By prioritizing user well-being and offering an experience that closely resembles reading from paper, TCL has taken a commendable step in addressing the prevalent issue of eye strain caused by excessive screen time.

The introduction of Nxtpaper technology across a range of innovative devices, including tablets and smartphones, signifies TCL’s commitment to enhancing user experience and setting a new benchmark for screen technology. With the focus on eye health and well-being, TCL’s latest offerings are poised to reshape the user’s digital interaction for the better.

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