Govee Curtain Lights review: I'm obsessed

Govee Curtain Lights review: I’m obsessed

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Govee Curtain Lights Review: Why I’m Obsessed

Smart light technology continues to advance, and Govee has proven itself as a leader in this field. The Govee Curtain Lights, originally designed as a festive addition, have proved to be so much more – versatile and captivating enough for year-round use.

Ambiance and Customization

The Govee Curtain Lights add a beautiful and romantic ambiance to any environment, whether it be a living room or a garden, creating an atmosphere that cannot be replicated by any other smart light on the market.

With 20 rows of individual string lights hanging side by side, these lights are more than just decorative; they are customizable and capable of displaying millions of colors and light scenes using Govee’s advanced RGBIC technology. This includes the ability to display images using the 520 light beads embedded into each string.

Year-Round Utility

While these curtain lights were initially promoted as a Christmas light offering, they are perfectly suited for year-round use. Placing them in a reading nook can create a cozy ambiance, and they can elevate the atmosphere in a dining space or during dark and dreary winter mornings.

This level of customization is made possible through the Govee app, which offers a wide array of light presets, from groovy and rainbow swirl patterns to festive Christmas scenes and peaceful night scenes. The versatility of these lights reflects the dedication of Govee to creating products that enhance everyday life.

Installation and Design

While one might expect such advanced smart lights to be complicated to install, Govee has managed to simplify the process. The Govee Curtain Lights can be easily mounted using three different options, providing users with flexibility in installation.

Each of the 20 string lights is delicately designed, with three thin wires connecting all the light beads, encased in a clear casing that both diffuses the lights and emphasizes their beauty. The plug cord is long and waterproof, ensuring practicality and usability both indoors and outdoors.

Customization Options and Controls

Not only do the Govee Curtain Lights come with a user-friendly control panel, but they also offer app control and voice command capabilities through Alexa and Google Assistant. These smart lights are highly responsive and seamlessly integrate into a modern home.

This level of customization renders the lights suitable for creative individuals who enjoy making their own designs and images, as they can be shared within the Govee community and displayed onto the lights themselves.

Affordability and Accessibility

Despite their advanced technology and extensive features, the Govee Curtain Lights are surprisingly affordable. Priced at $129.99 / £159.99, they are more accessible than other competing products in the market, making them an attractive option for those looking to enhance their home with smart lighting.

Furthermore, the Govee app provides numerous preset options, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences, ensuring that users can easily find a lighting theme that suits their specific needs and desires.

Comparison and Recommendations

In comparison to other smart Christmas lights, the Govee Curtain Lights offer a unique and versatile option that can be enjoyed throughout the year. They stand out in terms of functionality, design, and affordability, making them a standout choice in the smart lighting market.

For those seeking a more traditional design, Nanoleaf Matter Smart Holiday String Lights may be a better fit, while the Govee Christmas String Lights offer an excellent balance between looks and affordability.

Conclusion and Endorsement

Having tested the Govee Curtain Lights for two weeks, it’s evident that they provide a captivating and customizable lighting experience. As a smart home enthusiast, I strongly recommend these lights for their versatility, ease of installation, and affordability.

Govee has once again proven its proficiency in providing high-quality smart lighting solutions, and the Curtain Lights are a testament to their commitment to creating products that enhance the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of any space.

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