Should you buy the Galaxy S23 now or wait for the Galaxy S24?

Should you buy the Galaxy S23 now or wait for the Galaxy S24?

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Should you buy the Galaxy S23 now or wait for the Galaxy S24?

Samsung‘s new Galaxy S24 flagships are just around the corner, but are they worth waiting for over picking up a Galaxy S23 today?

Samsung fans are facing a tough decision between the latest Galaxy S23 flagships and the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup. It’s that time of year again when consumers have to weigh the benefits of immediate gratification against the promise of cutting-edge technology.

What we know about the Galaxy S24 series

Samsung is expected to release the Galaxy S24 series in three configurations: a standard Galaxy S24, a larger Galaxy S24 Plus, and the premium flagship Galaxy S24 Ultra. These models are anticipated to come with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

The Galaxy S24 series will also introduce Samsung Gauss, a generative AI feature that promises real-time translation, AI-generated wallpapers, a photo editing tool similar to Google’s Magic Editor, and AI-powered formatting features in Samsung Notes.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S24 phones will come with Android 14 preinstalled, coupled with Samsung’s next-gen One UI 6 (or 6.1). This promises a seamless and intuitive user experience for consumers.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. Galaxy S24

The Galaxy S24 is expected to feature a slightly larger display, an increase in brightness, and a return to the 4,000mAh battery capacity of the Galaxy S21, promising longer battery life for users.

On the other hand, the Galaxy S24 Plus is anticipated to offer a higher-resolution display, improved battery capacity, and enhanced RAM configurations while maintaining the same color finishes as its predecessor.

When comparing the Galaxy S23 Ultra to the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the latter is expected to come with a titanium frame, a brighter display, and Qualcomm silicon everywhere it’s sold, powering advanced photography features in the Ultra flagship.

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S24 Ultra may feature a 24MP default photo resolution, AI-powered remastering, a neutral density filter, and increased storage and memory configurations.

Implications for consumers

With the imminent release of the Galaxy S24 series, potential buyers are faced with a dilemma: should they opt for a Galaxy S23 now or wait for the enhanced features and capabilities of the Galaxy S24?

Despite the allure of the upcoming Galaxy S24 lineup, the Galaxy S23 remains a powerful and capable smartphone that will serve users well for years to come. Moreover, with the holiday season approaching, consumers can take advantage of great deals on the Galaxy S23.

It’s important for buyers to carefully consider their priorities and evaluate their current and future needs before making a decision. While the Galaxy S24 promises innovative features, the Galaxy S23 still holds its own as a reliable and high-performing device.

When is the Samsung Galaxy S24 coming out?

Samsung typically announces its Galaxy S series lineup and has it on sale by the end of February each year, although the specific times may vary. Following this trend, the Galaxy S24 series may hit stores by the end of January or early February.

Consumers can also expect the pricing for the S24 series to be in line with the S23 series, with the Galaxy S24 starting at $800, the Galaxy S24 Plus at $1,000, and the Galaxy S24 Ultra at $1,200.


Ultimately, the decision to buy the Galaxy S23 or wait for the Galaxy S24 depends on individual preferences, priorities, and budget. Both series offer exceptional features and performance, catering to different consumer needs.

While the Galaxy S24 presents exciting advancements and enhanced capabilities, the Galaxy S23 remains a reliable and powerful device that should not be overlooked. Therefore, consumers should weigh their options carefully and make a decision that best aligns with their requirements and expectations.

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