Samsung’s new OLED TV could make annoying glare a thing of the past

Samsung’s new OLED TV could make annoying glare a thing of the past

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Samsung’s new oled TV could make annoying glare a thing of the past


Television technology has seen remarkable advancements in recent years, and Samsung has been at the forefront of innovative display solutions. The third-generation QD-oled TV, known as the S95D, is set to revolutionize the viewing experience with its unique glare-free display technology.

The evolution of QD-OLED TVs

Samsung’s latest offering, the S95D, sets itself apart from its predecessors by boasting a display that virtually eliminates unwanted glare. This breakthrough, achieved through advanced panel treatment, aims to enhance the overall viewing experience.

Advanced Glare-Free Display

Previous high-end TVs have incorporated anti-reflective coatings to combat glare. However, Samsung has pushed the boundaries with the S95D, introducing a specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern designed to deliver impeccable detail without any glare.

Brightest oled Screen

Samsung proudly asserts that the S95D features its brightest OLED screen to date. This enhancement, in conjunction with AI-enhanced color accuracy validated by Pantone, ensures stunning visual performance across various viewing environments.

Enhanced Features

Beyond the glare-free display, the S95D maintains the quantum dot oled benefits seen in previous models. Notably, the TV excels in producing richer, more vivid colors at higher brightness levels, providing an immersive viewing experience.

Minimalistic Design

Despite its advanced display technology, the S95D impresses with its sleek Design, measuring at under 11 millimeters in thickness. Furthermore, the inclusion of Samsung’s One Connect Box streamlines the setup process with a single cable.

Software and User Experience

The S95D runs on the latest version of Samsung’s Tizen software, offering personalized content recommendations for different household members. Additionally, the integration of Samsung TV Plus FAST enhances the TV viewing experience with a multitude of free-to-watch channels.

Hands-On Impressions

The glare-free OLED display of the S95D has generated significant intrigue, and firsthand impressions from Samsung’s unveiling event at CES are eagerly awaited. This hands-on experience will provide insights into the effectiveness of Samsung’s claims.

Variants and Market Impact

In addition to the flagship S95D, Samsung is introducing the S90D oled, providing consumers with a high-quality alternative. These innovations are likely to have a substantial impact on the TV market.


Samsung’s strides in display technology, as evidenced by the S95D, indicate a promising future for home Entertainment. The elimination of glare from OLED screens exemplifies the company’s commitment to enhancing the viewing experience for consumers.

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