Samsung Galaxy S24 Rumors: More AI, Titanium Design and Other Leaks - CNET

Samsung Galaxy S24 Rumors: More AI, Titanium Design and Other Leaks – CNET

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Rumors: More AI, Titanium Design and Other Leaks – CNET

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra could launch as soon as next month, and new AI features are expected to be the star of the show.

Samsung will surely face huge competition — most notably from the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, which feature a range of upgrades, from new camera systems to fancy titanium bodies on the Pro models.

Then there’s Google’s Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, which include new AI photo editing tools among other fresh upgrades.

But Samsung’s phones are always powerhouses, and we’re super excited to see what the Mobile giant will come up with.

We’ve sifted through the rumor mill to try to figure out just what Samsung‘s next superphones will offer, when they’ll be announced and how much they might cost.

Release Date and Pricing

When will the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch? Samsung took the wraps off the S23 line and S22 line at Galaxy Unpacked events in February 2023 and February 2022, respectively. We strongly expect the company to follow a similar timeline for the next models.

But Samsung could release the Galaxy S24 earlier than usual, with Korean News outlets SBS Biz and The Elec reporting a Jan. 17 announcement date.

How much will the Galaxy S24 cost? There aren’t any firm details on pricing, but we don’t expect any significant changes from the S23 lineup.

For reference, the base S23 model starts at $800, the Plus at $1,000 and the Ultra at $1,200.

The Galaxy S lineup has different models for people shopping on different budgets and it’s a tactic Samsung has used for most generations of its Phones.

New Features

What will be the biggest new feature in the Galaxy S24 series? We won’t know for sure until Samsung announces the Galaxy S24 lineup.

But considering the company is already teasing its new AI technologies, we can likely expect new AI-powered features to be a major focus in the Galaxy S24.

AI will also likely play a big role in the Galaxy S24’s camera, especially for the S24 Ultra.

Multiple Versions and Design

Will there be multiple Galaxy S24 versions? Almost certainly, yes. As mentioned, the multiple models strategy is one that Samsung has used for some time, and all current rumors suggest the company will launch at least two versions of the S24: a base model and an Ultra version.

What about the Galaxy S24 series Design and display? Tipster Tech Reve suggests Samsung will be sticking to much the same Design as this year, at least for the base S24 and S24 Plus.

Camera and Specs

And the Galaxy S24 series cameras? Based on the rumors and leaks that have surfaced so far, it sounds like the Galaxy S24 lineup will have similar Hardware as the Galaxy S23 family, but with some changes to zoom quality.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to have 12GB of RAM just like the S23 Ultra, while the S24 Plus will reportedly get a bump from 8GB to 12GB, according to the spec sheet from Blass.


We expect Samsung to stick with the S Pen stylus in the S24 Ultra, as well as introduce a new range of colors throughout the whole series.

We’d love to see a return to expandable storage (but that won’t happen), and you can expect Features like IP68 water resistance, in-screen fingerprint scanners, and high refresh rate displays on all models.

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